I love sniffing boxers

I am f24, and I have been smelling and masturbating with my boyfriends boxers since high school. I love that musky cock smell, it just drives me wild. I dont know why. I think its kind of gross. But I cant stop. I love it too much. I hope he doesnt know.

Recently we had a friend stay with us for a while, I saw he had a pair on the floor of his room and Im ashamed to say I took them. They smelled amazing. Not better or worse than my boyfriends but just amazing in their own way. It makes me so unbelievably horny and I dont know why. If I thought I could get away with it I would have taken more.

Jul 29
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    • Was at my friend's house for a few days. Had the habit of cumming in my boxers while masturbating at night. She was doing laundry and had grabbed mine by accident. Asking if she had them she went red and said I thought it was her husband's and had played with them. Knowing my cums been where one man has been made me hard.

    • It's their pheromones, cock and ball smell with a little piss scent. You're so hot!

    • Don’t be ashamed. This is super sexy. Your man — any man — would be really turned on to know this about you. So many men talk about their love of sniffing panties. We need more women like you to help normalize the reverse. Get it girl!

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