Brutally myself

I had turned 40 feeling like I had woken from a long sleep.
I started changing my life got in touch with who I use to be.
My work performance had gone up. I was acting younger more like I had just turned 30.
Started taking road trips with my old lady my lovely wife mykal.
More vigorous attentive surprising both myself my wife and my kids.
40 5ft11in getting back in shape stopped smoking. 40 blessed 8 inches with a fat mushroom tip thick veiny and I produce a lot of jizz.
I come home from working knowing my kids are at after school program.
I walked up to my wife ripped off her white v cut tee shirt. Unfastened her bra with one hand sucked one massive tit while groping the other one. I was naked with out even trying.
I has her naked not allowing her to even speak a word keeping her occupied. Her hands holding my head as I devoured her pussy eating both her ass and twat.
I did this four or five times a week. Then two or three times a week I would come home for lunch to pound her pussy or rare take her ass. I made it a rule no panties shortish dress or skirt don't have to hear them but have them ready high heels. She started to surprise me by wearing lingerie under her dresses and skirts. On my days off I would take her out and by the end of the night I would have her wrist tied and would be fucking her somewhere publicly not obvious but not hard to get caught.
5ft3in naturally kinky curly silver and black hair massive 44dd knockers. Curvy sexy shapely a little chubby at 155lbs but gorgeous blossoming into that thick hot milf you secretly want to fuck.
I started picking her clothing for our date nights more revealing slightly slutty.
I watched her confidence grow she got more comfortable with her mom body.
She had confessed to me she wanted to be tied down to a bed and fucked for days.
I had become like her handler or master when fucking.
I brought a friend of mine around a lot letting him see her dressed like a cheap slut. It got to the point I invited my buddy out with us got her home. We are feeling no pain. I start to strip her infront of my friend. She didn't resist at all. He both grabbed all over her body licking kissing. I ate her pussy he ate her ass. We got a double blow job from her. We fucked her in to the start of morning. Double penetration both one in her ass one in her twat and two in her twat. Eiffel Tower her twice. The next morning when at breakfast she asked what was that surprising her with my friend. I told her a taste of things to come.
I kept up my daily work week 4 or 5 day deep hard fucking her. 3 or 4 days a week fucking her on my lunch break.
Rarely bringing another man into it to fuck my wife. Maybe once or twice a month I started sharing my wife. But I wanted something more dirty degrading. I started chatting with well hung men mostly black men. I took two days off work day one I only got head or jacked off watching miles a 19 year old huge dick black teen fuck my wife. I didn't really give her a choice I brought miles home and basically fifed him my wife. I watched her puzzled as he walked up said yeah slut your mine now. Take her clothes off touch her wherever he wanted. I loved watching her struggle with his his size. Just as thick as me but several inches longer. She gagged slobbering down his long black dick. He finger fucked her sucking on her clit. He made her gush a little bit then he was fucking her. No condom disrespectful degrading calling her slut white bitch snow bunny. Fucking her pretty much none stop hard and rough deep long strokes or smashing. He came in her several times then he made her suck his dick clean. On our date night I got a hotel room miles and Dominick a friend of his from work came in the room and I let a 19 year old and 21 year old black teens fuck my wife I joined in we treated her like a prostitute the way they talked to her pulling her hair choking her pulling on her nipples spanking her. Tied her wrists to the bed post. And we did to her what we wanted several times her morning sounds where painful or frantic several times she begged for us to hurry or just cum. After a few minutes she was back to pure ecstasy begging for more or telling us to go harder or calling out owe God more.
It had been a few months of this sharing my wife.
I made a special loveseat no back one cushioned pillowed arm contoured to her size and build . four brackets steel loops. I rented an air bnb dressed my wife up in a black dress and a top less corset. Thigh highs and high heels. I tied and strapped her to this loveseat it was super comfortable she said I tied her wrists and ankles into it. I said loudly yo.
Everyone I had shared her with in six months comes walking out 9 black men 2 Latino 4 white guys one a coworker one a younger friend. My only rule the first load of spunk gets shot on her dress. It's the sexist slutty dress she has black with silver trim. Anything from average to horse cock is in line to use my wife's ass pussy or mouth being nice about it every one did indeed did cum on her dress a few guys on their second time listening to her beg to be fucked her dirty whorish talk having another 8 men shoot jizz on her clothes. We spent legit 10 hours fucking my wife taking turns on her. 7 guys stuck around at that point to keep using my wife pussy mainly 1 Latino guy from my bank 1 white my younger white buddy her first share now gangbanging her . 5 black guys ages from 19 to 54. A guy I called king moose 13 inches by 6 inches thick spent hours throughout the night and morning fucking my wife using her several times throughout the event. Huge 54 year old former NFL player from the 80s played for the bears met him at a bar no joke.
That afternoon I untied her legs shaking whole body trembling still humming out moans holding her pussy with both hands. The loveseat soaked cum stained smelling like sex. Her pussy was swollen leaking out a stream of both her wetness and cum. A sloppy shush sounds came from her pussy. Mykal queefed a loud pussy fart the wettest sound I've ever heard followed. A huge amount of seamen and sperm burst out of her cunt splattered on the floor and flooded down her legs. She collapsed down to the floor. Sitting on her knees shaking in a riding position looking like a voodoo priestess in a trance. Her already curly messy hair in a frizzy afro looking like she had been struck by lightning. Still bursts and gushing splatters of cum ran down her legs or slobbering out of her twat in long strings down to the floor. About a softball sized pool slowly globbed into a pile under her. She got on her hands and knees slurping up the cum under her cleaning the two globbed slimy piles of cum up. Eventually she gained control of her tremoring body. She went to the bathroom he had drinks smoked some weed. It turned into a small house party a few times some of the other stopped back by to take a turn on my wife again.
By time we cleaned up and packed to leave my wife pussy couldn't hold a golf bsll in her twat and her labia hung down like curtains she walked with a swish in her hips. For the next day and a half her pussy would leak out cum crusting in her panties. For the next week she had the same glow she had when pregnant.
She admitted she enjoys being my personal slut.

Jul 30
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