I’m a curious married man here.. I’m 40 and I have had 1 small experience with a guy.. wanna try more!! Wife doesn’t know! Really wanna suck a guys dick for 1st time!! Wanna meet a guy with a big thick 8or 9 inch dick!

Jul 27
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    • The only way I agreed to be a hotwife for the husband was that he had to fluff my lover, by that I mean suck his dick till it was nice and hard.
      Now his does have ED, and while he'll get an erection it only lasts for a minute or two, if that long.
      Now I'm getting horny so I asked him if he was gonna live up to his part of the bargain. So I invite a nice young man over to do me and explain that hubby is going to get him ready.
      Well anyway I think for a man that was always a strong alpha male he was a bit euthastic for expressing his doubts to do it.
      Not that the young man needed any fluffing in the beginning. Still I wanted to see if he'd do it. Tentative at first, but after my young lover orgasmed in me and we lay in bed that's where he displayed his enthusiasm, he cleaned up all the juices off his cock and balls. I admit that this really turned me on, so once he was stiff I shooed him away and got some serious loving done.

    • He's still your husband. Humiliation is one thing, being a bitch is another. If he gets off on yiu shooting him away, then good on ya. But if just being a bitch and not I clouding him, well you suck! He sucked.a damn dick for you and you can't even give him a hand job? Or anything! My wife and I have 3 somes or even more somes. She always makes sure I'm completely satisfied. Lucky me I get to eat all the cum as well, but this is because I want to do it, not because of some high and mighty trip she's on. I enjoy some humiliation, like coaxing me as I'm cleaning up the mess or calling me a cumeater as I am trying to cum. I do t k ow just be kind, he's still the one you married. ED isn't his fault. Maybe you're the reason he can't get hard.

    • I am a gay male and I have more 45-60 year olds getting with me because they want to experience gay sex before they die, by that age how many new sexual experiences are you getting?

    • Their are a lot of older guys who try gay sex especially when they aren't getting any sex at home from the wife

    • Me too.

    • Me toooooo!!! I do this! I love it also! Wife quit having sex about 8 years ago! I have a friend who I visit often that's in the same boat. We don't kiss 😞 but do suck each other off 3 to 4 times a week. Neither have tried anal, but I'd like too! I'd love for it to turn more serious but neither of us really want the hassle of a divorce since we're both retired military. Wives would get half our retirement.

    • Wives don't have to know everything

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