Dying in a horrible way.

Last year a childhood friend of mine died awkwardly, to say the least.
He grew up under rough conditions. Poverty, a strict POS father and lost two siblings in 9/11. So it’s no wonder that he went off and joined the military, to get stability and other things that he never had.

He came out very strong and was the man of the house, his wife job was just to raise the kids and he took care of everything else, bills and whatever it took to secure his home. She was submissive and let him take care of it all.
But I guess the roles were reversed in the bedroom because of what happened last year.

He had died suddenly, and none of us knew why. He’s young and healthy and all that we heard was that went to bed and never woke up one afternoon.

After the investigation it all came out. They would have S&M sex and he was the sub. So their thing was she would tie him up and left him for a while and then eventually come back to the room. This time she tied him wrong and went off to listen to an audiobook. When she came back, it was too late.
Now I assume she untied him and made him look normal because this came out afterwards.

The pain of a slow strangulation, and trying to call out to the person you love the most, knowing t she is just outside the door. I can’t imagine what he was thinking.

On the flip side, she had to tell her mother-in-law all of that, knowing she lost other children to needless violence. The woman is 80. Not to forget telling her own children that she killed their father in a freak sex act. How can any of them look at her again?

Jul 12
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    • Im so sorry that happened. i can't imagine.

    • Hope he cummed before he died

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