I'm very torn and don't know what to do. I'm married and love my wife dearly, I want to spend the rest of my life with her but damn do I wanna suck a dick. Not interested in anal with a man just oral and specifically giving it. I've had the opportunity to do it but I didn't because if my wife found out.... well..... it wouldn't be good. The desire however will not go away. What's a guy to do?

Jul 6
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    • A cock should come with a warning label like cigarettes because when you start sucking cock you can't stop its very addictive . I was 20 years old and married my wife and I were having a threesom with this guy we had been drinking and feeling no pain she convinced me to suck this guy's cock with her and I was hooked after that. For a while sucking cock was all I could think about and did my wife was surprised that I really enjoyed sucking cock and swallowing cum and she was okay with it because she was getting fucked by different men. I am a lot older now and I don't know how many guys I have sucked off over the years but every time I do it I have enjoyed it.

    • My wife has had me suck her strap on. But know over the years I want to suck a real one but a tranny . I would not tell my wife if I did also scared if I do suck one I might enjoy so much I won't be able to stop.

    • Mate I'm 61 first time I had a cock in my mouth about 50. Wife doesn't know. With a bit of planning it can work. Don't do anal just like to see a hard cock. Mutual masturbation is great. Nothing like seeing a guy shoot a load.
      Have fun

    • I can attest to the fact the desire will never go away. I reconciled it all by telling myself I could have a marriage to my wife and blow cock too. And I did. But it took an enormous amount of discipline and planning and discretion. There is always risk you will be caught.

    • If you attempt anal you may really be torn

    • Good one!

    • Lol not interested in anal

    • Until you get anal! Prostate play feels just as good if not better than a blow job. Almost, not quite!

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