I didnt know...

A few years ago, I received a surprise phone call from a guy I had spoken with just once on a dating site. He told me that he had tickets to see VanHalen this coming weekend and wanted to know if I would go with him.

All I knew about him was he was cute and seemed sweet when I talked with him on the phone. I decided to take the chance so I told him I would.

I had been a divorced soccer mom type for a number of years, didn't feel very attractive and never did anything exciting. It was hard finding a relationship. I am 5' 2" tall, 114 pounds and petite. I have brown hair and blue eyes and my breasts are small (30C)

it was summer so I wore cut-off white shorts, cream lace panties and a halter top with adhesive bra cups underneath and sandals. my nails were red and newly mani/pedi'ed

He picked me up outside my apartment complex in his pick-up truck. we chatted and laughed on the way. we arrived about 45 minutes early so we sat and drank wine.

admittedly I drank a little too much because I was feeling way too relaxed. somehow, he made me feel safe. I just knew he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. it was just a feeling I got.

the opening band was Cool and the Gang. they were awesome and all I wanted to do was dance. we were off to one side of the arena so i was facing the band and my date was behind me.

while i danced he put his hands on my hips and danced with me. he reached around me and held me close between songs. it felt wonderful.

after another glass of wine i was feeling great. i felt his hands on my bare skin at my waistline. that felt really nice. i was really enjoying his touch. he was gentle yet firm.

His touching progressed. he reached around front of my shorts but teasingly stopped short of touching my girl. then his touch progressed up under my top until he felt my bra and stopped.

I wanted him to touch me, so I covertly removed the adhesive bra and turned to him stuffing them in his jean pocket. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what i put in his pocket. I turned to face the band again and his hands returned to my sides.

his touch moved up to just under my breasts where he hesitated for a few seconds then cupped both my breasts and played with my nipples. it was electric. I was being felt up in public with thousands of people around me. a first for me.

I let him slip his hand down the front of my shorts. he stopped when he reached just above my clit. again, a tease. when I didn't protest his hands returned to my breasts as I danced with my hands in the air.

i felt him push my top over my breasts exposing me to everyone around me. i felt my body flush. this continued the rest of the concert. he exposed me a half dozen time while teasing my pussy.

the whole experience seemed like something from a dream. near the end of the concert, he whispered in my ear "how long have you been an exhibitionist?" I laughed and looked at him. "About 2 hours!" I told him. "Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked. "oh yes! I had no idea I would enjoy this." I confessed. "What he said next made my heart feel like it would jump out of my chest. "Before we leave, I want you to take off your shorts and give them to me." "ok" was all I could say. now I couldn't think of anything else.

the concert ended and it was excellent. "Ready to go?" he asked. I could not believe what I said next. "I thought you wanted my shorts?" he smiled and said, "yes i do!"

I opened my shorts and pulled them off as people watched handing them to him leaving me in just my halter top, lace see-through cream panties and sandals. people stared as we walked out, and my heart raced.

i was very aware that people could see my shaved pussy and my butt. he held my hand and lead me back to the parking lot.

As we entered the parking lot he stopped and turned to me as people flowed past us. "I want your top now too!" my heart leapt in my chest. I reached behind me and untied it, slipped it over my head and handed it to him.

I was now down to my sandals and panties with guys staring at me in stunned silence. I was almost completely naked in a public parking lot walking to his truck. to make matters more obvious my nipples were rock hard.

just when i thought that I couldn't get more exciting he would surprise me. I could not and did not want to tell him no!

once in his truck he told me he wanted my panties and sandals. before we left the lot, I was completely naked as he drove past people and the police.

as we headed home, he had me lay on my back with my head on his leg and open my legs and put one foot on his dashboard and the other over the seat. he played with my very wet pussy and just kept making me orgasm. i was concerned because i was soaking his trucks seat. he told me not to worry about it. I was in heaven.

he told me that he was going to pull up alongside a semi-truck and show the driver my naked body. like i said, just when i thought it couldn't get more exciting! i had a major orgasm with that statement. I remember screaming really loud as I came.

as he came alongside the truck i instantly felt insecure about my body. i was naked, legs open, he was playing with me and i was dripping. he turned on the light and i panicked a little feeling my heart pound in my chest so i closed my eyes. I could hear the trucks horn as he played with me for what seemed like forever.

"Open your eyes!" he ordered and continued to build me to my next orgasm. when i did the truck was gone. he had my orgasms timed now. as he pulled alongside another semi, he ordered me to look the driver in the eyes. i did as he asked and when my eyes made contact with his i thought my body was going to explode. my date talked to me as he played "this stranger is seeing you completely naked, and he is going to watch you at your most intimate moment. he's going to watch you have an orgasm." his words intensified my feelings causing me to come really hard and lose control of my body. my legs flailed and body arched as I came.

after that exhausting orgasm we headed home.

I kept this secret for so long because it just isn't something i would normally do. i felt so slutty and loved it. that felt wrong in the end. now i miss it terribly

there is so much more if you want to hear but to date that has been the most exciting date of my life. i couldn't wait to see him again. i was addicted.

Jul 7
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    • Sometimes a woman just has to let that slut cum out

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