Black Women are ABSOLUTELY the Best Lovers

I'm a white guy. About average. Height 5' 10" tall 200 lbs. Average cock but I have received compliments on it. Maybe because I use it good.

I have only had 3 black women but they were all excellent. All were BBW's and all were one night stands.

What I have learned is that Black Women are more willing to do extreme sex acts and have a higher pain tolerance than white women. BTW extreme sex acts is a relative term. I'm vanilla in terms of sex so extreme to me car sex, outdoor sex, anal sex (me giving), dirty talking, role playing. All of that is what I like so you might think this is normal.

I have never revealed this event before so I can't tell it like an action packed adventure. Sorry about that. This might be the last time I get up the gumption to put it in writing.

I will tell my very last encounter with a black woman. This was before COVID. This was back in the good old days when CL was a good place to meet women. I had developed a good on line relationship with this black lady. I was moving from the city to another state entirely and we decided to meet the day before I left town.

We went to a nice restaurant. She showed up in an old small compact economy car and was on a walker. I got the impression she was either very close to moving into an assisted living place or was already there. She would not give me her address.

She had really gone out of her way to dress up and look nice. Definitely a BBW around 200 lbs (my weight!) but much shorter than me. Her hair was nice too. I think she had been to a beauty shop that day.

In any event we had such a nice meal and had a really vanilla white conversation because there were other couple close to us.

After we finished, I asked her if I could walk her out to her car and she agreed. When we got there, I asked if we could sit in her car and talk. She agreed.

We said thank you to each other for such a nice date and then talked a bit more spicy like our CL chats had been.

I then asked if I could kiss her and she agreed. The first kiss was timid and that was good. So I went for another one and another one. I stuck my tongue down her throat and said I wanted to taste her. She responded by giving my tongue a blow job. Awesome.

While that was going on, I was feeling up her gargantuan tits through her blouse. Fuck I am getting a hard on right now thinking about them. She got into it and then stopped me. She started up her car and drove us to an unlit corner of the parking lot. Then I resumed massaging her tits and kissing her. She started rubbing my crouch and feeling my hard on through my pants.

I told her to show me her tits and she undressed her top, all the while being very nervous about it. These monster melons plopped out. Fuck they must have been Double Gs. I massaged them some more. And then started to lick and suck on her nipples. Then she stopped me again and told me to give her my cock. I unzipped and pulled my cock out. Fuck she grabbed and stroked and got more and more aggressive and damn near ripped my cock and balls out by the roots.

It hurt so much I grabbed tits and started sucking them again just to get her to let go of my balls. It worked.

Then to my surprise she said to me in a very firm voice "suck them titties like you mean it" and then the game was on. I balled and suck her tits like I have never done before or since. I was even able to get some mother's milk out of one of them.

When I was done, she went back on my cock. Not enough room to fuck in her car and she was too cripple to get her out and bang her on the ground so I let her have her fuck with my cock and balls. Damn I was sore for a week. I came and squirted my load all over her hands and she licked up every drop.

Of course by then I wanted some pussy and I was pawing at her crouch and she said I would never be able to tear through her nylons without hurting her. So I flattened my hand against her big belly and shot straight down into her underwear. Then I did what Trump taught us all and grabbed her by the pussy. I fingered her all the way until I had 4 fingers in her. She came hard and maybe even pissed herself. She was embarrassed and said we had done enough. By that time the restaurant was closing down and the cops were starting to patrol other parking lots. We would have been found out soon. So she drove me to my car and that was it.

I am embarrassed to say I did not stay in touch with her. I had moved away and essentially started a new life. And as selfish as I am, I was afraid she was looking for a sugar daddy to help with the medical expenses from old age. I wasn't sure how many more times I would get a good fuck out of her versus the amount of money I could potential get saddled with.

Jul 4
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    • White b*ches only good 4 makin brown babies.

    • Love seen princess white bitches with a brown baby.
      bet white big daddy & mommy enjoy raising brown baby in big home. lol

    • Amen. I’m a white woman and I crave BBC

    • I got what you crave

    • Tell me more about yourself. Where are you? I need one right now!

    • Yep I agree. They are the best cocksuckers too lol

    • I'm a 25 year old white male & iron worker.
      I have a J O B! My J O B is making me B I G $ right now!
      I didn't go to 'college' I went to trade school.
      I stopped pursuing white girls my age because most are crazy, on drugs or lesbians!
      I attended a Bible study for singles and the white girls in that group acted normal until they found out I didn't go to college. I got insulted publicly and told they can't go out with someone 'uneducated'. This was at a Bible study!
      Black girls are cool, awesome & F U N!
      Actually, I've had more luck scoring with black girls and I dated one for a few months too.
      White girls have become trashy girls!

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