Dirtiest thing you done to a partner

Before me and my ex split up I was having an affair. I would come home after fucking and have her give me a blow job

Jun 27
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    • I always indulged my wife’s desire for anal pleasure but she would never return the favor. Not even with a finger or a toy. Fairly chilly woman. So I started taking cock in both holes on a very regular basis. She’s never figured it out.

    • On your cock that is

    • Did your wife taste pussy on your Vick when she blew you?

    • I got caught fucking my GF’s mom last Christmas break.

    • I had a sexual relationship with our neighbor for several years. It started as just a friendship but we spent so much time together with our kids playing to get her that one thing led to another. About 10 years into our close friendship during a surprise birthday party for my husband Susan said she wanted to I’ve my husband “the ride of his life”. I knew he found her attractive and that evening he could not keep his eyes off Susan. After everyone left Susan stayed behind to help clean up. While I was outside cleaning up around the pool Susan worked her magic and seduced Jim just as she seduced me 10 years back.

      Before I knew it they were in the bedroom and I could hear them both moaning and laughing. I walked in with little petite Susan riding Jim’s rather large cock. At first I was upset. Susan moaning with such delight or seeing Jim so happy. But then I saw his big cock going balls deep in her tight little fire crotch and then I started getting wet.

      I then took off my bathing suit and started kissing Susan. She then suggested that she turn around and go from reverse to regular cowgirl. Then we continued to kiss and while she rode Jim I stuck my wet pussy in his face. Susan and I ended up climaxing together and soaking Jim. He then reached climax quickly and I then lick Susan clean.

      We have had regular sexual encounters for the las 12 years but nothing tops that first night it was soo raw natural and passionate

    • She said I can go out with the boys if I fucked her . So I did left the house with a dirty cock met some girls at the bar went to her place fucked her in the ass. Left her met up with some others girl she sucked my dick clean then fuck her and went home at 6 am . Fucked my wife again without washing it.

    • My wife over the years has gotten heavy and her self confidence has gone done. I will bring other women home and have her clean my cum from their pussy.

    • I have also fucked women in the ass then had them blow me

    • My ex and I were on the way out. One weekend I fucked 2 different woman and never cleaned my cock then went home and fucked my now ex

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