Who’s the one

I woke up with cum on my face and it's either one of my sons, or my nephew .

I live with my two sons (16 and 14) and sometimes my nephew (15)visits me and it has always been great company, we're all very close, but last night I found out that someone wants to get extra close. It was a regular day, I got tired early so I just went to bed, I ended up waking up at 8AM and I happened to rub my eyes open but I touched something sticky. I got up and looked in the mirror to see what was on my face, when I looked at myself I just knew it was cum, it was thick, white, and still warm all over my face. I was about to freak out but I let myself process everything and I actually found it to be hot? When I realized it was one of the three or all at once, I got turned on. I wiped some off of my cheek and licked it off of my finger, it was a bit salty but nothing unbearable. I washed my face, went downstairs, and went along with my day without saying anything, I just think it's too early to bring it up idk.

May 24
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    • Don't say anything and wait for a few nights for more cum on your pussy ...

    • That's so hot! Don't say anything, just start sleeping naked with the door cracked and see if one of them cums on your pussy! That would be amazing!! If it's one of your sons, love him like a mother should love her son, by taking his seed inside her, and if it's your nephew, be that special aunt he always wants to spend time with!

    • I agree, that is way Hott and I wouldnt do anything yet and maybe you will wake up with a cock in your face then take it in your mouth and swallow his load

    • Yes take all three of them at one time one in your mouth one in your pussy snd one in your asshole take all that young cum girl

    • You should fuck all three to be sure.

    • I shot off on my aunts face as she was in a deep sleep from drinking, the next morning she knew what had happened and knew it had to be me, she never said anything to me about it but if she had stayed with us much longer I would have done it again and again.

    • I used to wake up like this, but it was my dad, he would drug me then fuck and suck me off in my sleep. I'd wake up with cum all over my stomach, ass and all over my face. Not sure how he'd make me cum knocked out??? Wish it hadn't happened but it did, now I have a severe cum eating fetish. Never ever touched or allowed anyone to touch my kids but I have been to glory holes and filled my belly. I eat all my own cum!

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