Men give the best head?

I've always been told men give the best head but I found out that isn't always true. I'm an apprentice plumber, I ride with a journeyman plumber every day at work, he's always kinda joking but kinda serious asking "you ever had a dick in your mouth?" I always laugh it off and didn't think much of it. Well last week he straight up asks me if I'd give him head and goes on to explain how it's not gay, it was real common to swap head when he was locked up (for meth). I told him no but he could give me head. He parked the van and gave me head, I could not even get close to getting off, after 15 min he gave up. It got real awkward after and I ended up quitting the next day. I was too embarrassed to tell my boss what happened. So stupid.

19 days

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    • I've had great head and terrible head from both women and men. There's a huge range in both cases. However, I have to admit that guys are better on average, and the best blowjob I've ever had was from a guy.

    • I have been given head and sucking cock since I was a young boy and I have learned that I love sucking cock. Taking a man's soft cock into my mouth feeling it growing and getting harder and I deep throat him and worship his cock and balls like no women will. Letting him cum in my throat and swallowing every drop of cum for him. They always come back for more because I love doing it.

    • Old, white gay men give the best head, they just need the cock and cum

    • As an old white guy I take that as a compliment. I’ve sucked a lot of cock in my 70+ years. The best is giving it to a first timer. They are a bit nervous, but by the time they are cumming in my mouth they are in heaven. BTW, the reason old guys are the best is because we take our time……

    • Gotta be a legit gay man. They suck cock because they like to suck cock. Even the freaky girls only do it to impress you.

    • You've never had my head! I'd blow you and your mind! Most men give the best head! Not all! I've had a few from crazy bitches and they'll suck your soul out through your cock.

    • Guys do tend to give better head because they know how the equipment feels and works, but not every single guy is going to have the skills

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