First k-9 pleasure

Long story I’ll try to shorten but capture of my first dog sex. I was twelve my friend thirteen when I spent the night. We were talking about having our first time sex and wearing skimpy clothing , like g-strings and short skirts when her dog wines at the door she let him in. As she walking back to me the dog a boxer I believe he was, jumps on her nocking her down and yells not now Brutus. I say not what but the dog tries to mount her as she’s on all fours. So that’s what she means not now. She says he’s always jumping on me. So I start fantasizing about Brutus mounting me. What would it be like having a dogs dick in you instead of a man’s , that line of thinking made me so Horny that I stood up to see if he’d try to nock me over to mount me. He did not, so I pretend to look under the bed and say my ear ring. She jumps up I’ll help you, I want only my ass in the air for Brutus to maybe try and get up on, no he chooses her she yells I said not now Brutus , so I jump in and say let him have some , isn’t that why he’s always trying to mount you. She says I did not want anyone to know that Brutus is fucking me. So I ask how long have you let him do this for. Since I was twelve a little over a year. How does it feel, at first it hurt and I did not know about his nails scratching me up. My mom asks we’re did those come from, scared she new I said I was playing with the dog She says how it’s the back of your legs like he was trying to jump on you. I said yes I tried running from him She says you need to stop getting him riled up like that So l ask my friend can Brutus mount me She says sure if your ready I tell her I’m ready all this sex talk has me riled up she says crawl on all fours then he’ll know and mount you be ready because when he hits your wet spot he rams it in so be ready so I crawl around on all fours till he jumps on me I was so scared when it finally happened and his dick was poking my butt and legs she says just grab his dick and guide it in your puss so I tried and could not get a hold of it kept slipping out of my hand when she grabs it and puts it in that’s another story hope this one is not to long

9 days

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    • I'm happy for you and your friend have discovered what man's best friend can do for you. Much of my family is into animal sex and also incest. You girls have fun with it

    • It is quite normal for horny young girls and many mature women too to have dog sex. It is harmless in my view. I am into it for more than last 10 yrs now, I had two Labs during this period. It is safe too as there is no possibility to get pregnant through this act.

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