Best Feeling

I've only ever had two boys blow their load in my mouth.
One was in the back seat of my car. I met him on the internet and we drove out into the country to park. He was was brown, smaller than me and had a little dick. He confessed he was afraid I might hurt him. After I reassured him he was safe we had a decent time. He gasped when my mouth closed around his cock. I love hearing that, and when they rub your head while you're sucking them. He wound up naked for some reason (never figured out why, we only traded BJ's). I couldn't make him cum with my mouth so he started jerking off while I kissed and licked his body. When he was ready he gave me the signal and I put my mouth on his dick. As he shot his load I remember being amazed it was finally happening. There was not much and it didn't come out very hard. He was gasping and shaking so I suppose he felt alright.
I swallowed. I remember gagging real hard and making faces. It was dark in the car so I doubt he saw it. It didn't taste real good but I was proud of myself. It was the first time for me and I really wanted to try it. I kept rubbing my own belly erotically. It's hot to know it's inside you. After I dropped him off I had to stop for gas. While I was pumping I burped and could taste it again. People must have thought I was crazy laughing like that for no reason. I didn't know that was possible, but fuck was it hot.
The second time I was in the military. I went into a port-a-john with another soldier (ror) and traded blow job's. He was white, super fucking hot, and had a nice size cock. It was a handful/mouthful and very pleasant. Also uncircumcised which I enjoy. I love pulling back the foreskin and "discovering" a cock. The lid was down and I was sitting waiting for him. He came in and locked the door. We were both scared, getting found out would have been real bad. He was wearing his PT uniform pants and shorts. I felt his cock and his ass through his pants and then pulled them down. When it went in my mouth I was in heaven. It was warm and the skin was soft. I got to play with his balls and massage his ass cheeks. Very hot for me but here is the best part. He held my head with his strong hands the whole time. He would rub my head and play with my ears gently. As he got closer he started whispering that he was going to cum. He wanted to know if it was alright to cum in my mouth? To this day I regret not answering but I didnt want to take it out of my mouth. He did cum in my mouth, but I think he would have enjoyed it more with a clear green light. I just grabbed his cheeks and pulled him closer to encourage him and let him know it was OK. That and increase the intensity of the sucking. He took the hint and shot his load. Again, it was small and didn't come out all that hard. I loved that he held my head and kept himself deep in my face while he came. That feeling of strong hands controlling your head is a major turn on and a sign of a job well done. When he was done I kissed the head gently and reassembled his uniform for him. I didn't swallow it that time, I spit it on the floor. I regret not swallowing. He was hot and kind, I should have willingly taken his pleasure into my body. To this day I dont know why I didnt swallow it down. It did look good in the moonlight though. When we opened the door to leave I could see it shining there on the floor. The proof of his pleasure expressed in my obedient mouth. I really loved his strong hands and the experience of being submissive. Best feeling ever.

Apr 25

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