We got caught by her mom

My girlfriend and future wife were at her house. Her parents were out for the evening and we have been doing some very extreme wrestling with each other. I had her pinned three times and one submission and she pinned two times and two submissions. We wrestle once more and after a hard tuff match I pin her in a full body pin. We are now exhausted and extremely horny and hot. We have both cum while wrestling but need more. I roll her over on top of me and we are now crotch to crotch in our jeans. She is riding me like a bull in a ride. She is coming down on me rough and hard and I am pushing up on her in the same. We have already cum two times when her mom comes in and see us pounding and grinding on each other like to wild sex crave animals. She tells us ok but my wife tells her we need a couple of more thrusts to cum and fulfill our wild hot sexual desires. We do so and we roll off each other, thank her and we are sexually under when her dad comes into the house. Her mom knows that we go at it extremely hard but she tells us we still need to be careful and not get caught. Only a month more and we will be marry.

Apr 15

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    • Erick loves to be a woman who loves to suck HUGE PENIS ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„

    • Wrestling fantasies are proven in psychological research to be associated with closet homosexuality. Nothing wrong with being gay, just come out with it rather than projecting it on females.

    • WTF dumbest shit I've ever read!

    • Your English is worse than your lies

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