Lost Bet Backfired

Me and a group of buddies always bet on games or anything really. The bets were always innocent but sometimes would be wagers that were very personal. Like truth or dare type bets. One weekend Dallas and Pittsburg were playing and I felt it was a sure thing that Pittsburg would win. I was so sure that I bet my wife would suck off those who took the bet. We all bet our wives at that point. I was the only Dallas fan but knew they'd win. It was a close game, coming to 4th quarter tie, last 20 seconds Pittsburg won, I had lost against all my buddies (3 of them)! So my wife had to suck off all 3 buddies! She was upstairs staying away from us so I called her down. I told her my stupid mistake but I had loat the bet and she'd have to suck each of my friends off. She looked at me pretty pissed off and said, she wasn't sucking them off, I made the bet, so I had to do it. My friends all laughed, Jim spoke out and said, he didn't care who sucked his dick as long as he left with a blow job as they all won. The other 2 chimed in and said, hell yea, looks like you have work too do there buddy! My wife chuckled and said, I'm watching this! I was so embarrassed but a bet is a bet and I didn't have much choice as I shouldn't have left my wife out of this. Jim my most outspoken friend said, me first. He came up to me and said, here go for it. I reached up and undid his zipper, and stuck my hand inside his underwear to release his dick. By this time my wife was coaching me along while the others laughed and made jokes. Like I'm gonna be the party slut from now own and they were going to dress me up next time. I took Jims dick in my mouth, sort of mimicking what I saw my wife do to me. My wife gave me pointers as I was sucking Jim off. She said you're gonna want to take him deep because when he cums you're gonna choke if he don't shoot down the back of your throat. I think she was just trying to get me to take in all of his dick. His motions and my head got in rhythm and I felt him tense up. He pulled back and then shoved his cock down the back of my throat. It was so much but I was able to swallow most of it. As he pulled out, I tasted cum for the first time. It was a little pungent and salty but not bad. I sucked again go make sure I got all. It was Michael's turn, he already had his dick out, same as Tim. I took him into my mouth, his wasn't as big as Jim's and I took it all the way in with no problem. I sucked him until he came but his whole load went in my mouth and I choked as it hit my throat. My wife was right I choked! I gained my composure quickly and finished sucking him until he quit throbbing. Next was Tim, he came over to me and he was larger than Jim, I could barely get the head in my mouth. I tried taking him all the way but just couldn't, it was too big! My wife held my head steady as Tim thrusted his huge dick into my mouth, going way down my throat, it hurt but I managed. My throat was so numb from before my gag reflex wasn't even a thing now. He fucked my throat and as sore as it was making my mouth, I kept on. He yelled out he was about to come and flooded my mouth with cum. He came it seemed like 10 times more than the other two. His cum tasted so good and sweet, unlike Jim and Michael's When he was done, Jim was hard again and asked if I was ready for more. My wife stepped in and said I had paid up and was done but if they wanted to fuck her they could as she was horny as hell after watching this. Each took turns fucking my wife leaving huge loads inside her. She looked at me after each one and asked if I wanted more cum. I was hooked and I absolutely ate each load out of her. By now I was about to explode as I hadn't cum yet. My wife took me by the hand and led me to our bed where we had sex. When done she asked me if I wanted to clean up the last load. I did! I now dress like a sissy for our parties and no need for lost bets. We all watch the game and have sex after, I suck all their didcks and eat all the cum! It works out for my wife as she isn't a fan of cum! None of they guys have told their wives (yet) and thats ok! My lost bet that backfired turned into a whole new world for us and I love it. I hope it never ends! Maybe we should invite over more buddies!!!

Apr 11

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    • Two mastikes were made.
      1. You bet on Dallas to win and let's face it all of ya'll teams are garbage.
      2. You're a nasty ass, disgusting Texan.

      So you got exactly what you deserved next bet you make which one goes up your ass.
      Steers and queers deep in the heart of Texas.

    • Wanna join us? You read it, must be interested. I'll make you scream!

    • You can be the first in my ass fella! I don't get reading a story and then being a total asshole at the end. I'll bet you came reading it and have regret now that you were able to orgasm to this type of story. Closeted homosexuals do this, don't they? If you wanna be the first to take my ass, I'd love to help you come out sweetie! It's ok, quit fighting it!

    • Lol you sissy fucking Texan like all fhe rest of you closeted males there. I'll fuck your wife and you can suck the cum out of her pussy. She'll need a real man now, but she probably knew that before she married you.

    • I like how you keep coming back! You closeted fag! Did yiu cum and eat it again?

    • Shove it up my asshole

    • Sure, whatever if it helps you out of the closet.

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