Skinny Dipping

I love to skinny dip and have done so many times. I go to quiet places often in the evening and love to strip and slip into the water. I would advise people to use caution as you may be surprised that others might follow you and I'd hate to see anyone get in trouble and be careful not to swim in places you are not familiar with. I have even gone completely nude under a water falls on a trail in the mountains of Tennessee ( I got caught there by a nice looking girl just as I was finishing masturbating). Luckily she was down with it and would have love it if she joined me and started sucking my cock.
I was also shot at a few years ago late one night as someone across the river didn't share my enthusiasm. I never called the cops or told anyone because I was afraid I would get into trouble. So yeah use caution and try to avoid offending anyone, which I never wanted to do, but something about a bit of risk turns me on.

Apr 3

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    • I used to skinny dip with friends all the time, growing up in the late '60s, early '70s. It was part of the hippie scene and everybody was relaxed about it. I even did it with my older sister. When I met my wife-to-be, she liked doing it too. Being naked in nature is relaxing and sexy.

      Hope you keep it up.

    • Tough to do in the Bible belt man. Too many uptight people about seeing a dick or nipple. I was even told recently wemhen visiting I should wear a shirt. Who the fuck wears a short working in the mountains of Tennesee? I'd join you if I saw you, love being nude. I own a large property in NC and often hike nude on my land. Don't wanna see, shouldn't be trespassing! I do carry a side arm and wear a shoulder holster. God to find a sexy dude or chick mastrubating in one of my water falls would be awesome. I'm bi and either would be a dream! I did have a 4 some in high school at this place in NC. We skinny dipped at an old hydro dam. It's where I tasted my first creampie and I have been hooked ever since! Good on ya! Hope to run into you one day on a hike! Least I could do is watch ya! Unless you're down for a guy sucking yiu off as well!

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