My first job,

A night when things went south. I worked at a warehouse then, loading and unloading. It was manual labor, I wasn't qualified to drive the forklift yet. I was pretending to be a man, but still had zits on my face. The foreman was an old man, to me and the others on the dock. He had a habit of jerking off looking at old magazines. Little did I know then, he jerked off to cocks and ass. When he saw me he saw the boy in me, and he wanted to fuck me. But I couldn't see it, I didn't know, I was unaware of any of this. I was just scared of him.

But the older guys in the warehouse knew, it was a matter of time. They had a pool going, for the day I was going to be laid over his desk, and he'd be fucking my behind. The day came, it was raining, the work was hard and fast. I was wet from head to toe when he called me over, his cigar in his mouth. I went to his desk where he told me I was lousy at my job, I was holding the other guys back. "Now get down here and suck my cock."

The other guys could see me, they walked around quietly, they knew what was going to happen, they waited. He grabbed me by the hair and stood me up, told me to get my pants down, I wasn't fast enough. He slapped my bare rear end, it stung like the devil. "Now bend over and take it like a man".

When I looked up I saw my coworkers and I didn't want to make eye contact while I was being fucked. He was a man who knew how he liked it, and didn't care if it hurt or not, whether the other guys watched. After he finished, he wiped himself off with a rag, then stuck the rag in my ass. I went back to work, walking funny, and he yelled at us to pick up the pace. "Nothing to see here, keep your minds on your job".

Mar 30

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