My husband's fantasy

I shouldn't repeat this, but my husband took me to a swing club a year ago. He always tells me while we are having sex, of his fantasy of seeing me on my knees giving oral sex to 3 guys, then my face is covered in cum. I'm in my early 30's and very shapely, and at the swing club I give my husband what he wanted. I felt shame and guilt for several months, but gradually my feelings changed and now when I think about it, it excites me. I told my husband about how I feel, and he is all for it. I get aroused, excited, and the danger and shame of being exposed is intoxicating.

Mar 30


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    • Meet some friends at the club and go to some swinger parties. We’ve had so much fun with other couples. On my birthday last month I got a birthday blow job, all the women, 8 of them, sucked my dick one after another while my wife sucked all their husband’s dicks. It was amazing. My wife usually picks a guy she likes, and we go up and flirt, and swap. The kinkiest thing was when my wife volunteers to be the hostess’s helper and open the door on her knees ready to welcome in new arrivals with a quick suck of their dick or lick of their pussy. Our fist party initiation was incredibly sexy. The women blindfolded my wife and slowly stripped her naked on the floor, while kissing and touching her all over. Then the men joined in. We moved to the bed, and one by one the women tasted her pussy, and it ended with my wife going around mouth kissing all the men and women, then sucking everyone’s dick, and finally all the men tried her pussy. I had the pleasure of kissing all the women, and having all of them suck my dick, and trying all their pussies.

    • It can a while for you to used to the idea and let go of society norms and what how we are supposed to be. If you are all consenting then let go and have fun and suck those cocks.

    • You’re a great wife . Taking a huge facial for your husband is very hot

    • Sounds like fun. Just go into it slowly. Our first experience with others, my wife went down on two guys and their two wives went down on me at the same time. Now, she’s so relaxed about it all she picks a guy she likes, walks right up and flirts with the wife, makes out with her, goes down on the husband and wife and has sex with the man while I’m with the woman. I’m getting so many hot women because my wife throws herself at hot couples.

    • My wife and i have been going to swinger clubs for almost 30 years. We have had a lot of fun.

    • So you like being used?

    • Yes and more.

    • Email me for my wifes pics everyone juddstudd69@

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