Anyone love girl farts like me?

I get so hard when I watch girl farting videos . The sight of tight cheeks ripping loud farts turns me on so much. I love to hear and see up close a rumbling asshole , I drip precum instantly . I wish I could have one of these beauties rip some huge farts right on my cock and yes I’d stick my face in her ass too. The videos of two girls 69ing as they fart in each others faces make me shoot my jism so fast. Anyone with me ?

Mar 22

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    • I always liked how public men's bathrooms smelled

    • My girlfriend farts on me a lot. It feels really good actually especially when my hard cock is in between her ass cheeks. She does it to dominate me but also to let me know she loves me.

    • She must be a great girlfriend! I get off so much hearing a sweet pretty girl blast farts .

    • She is amazing. Any woman who uses her butthole to assert her dominance is incredible. She pees on me too. She hasn’t pooped on me yet but I am hopeful that day is coming.

    • If you love farts. My wife gets out of bed every morning. Stretches and arches her back and every morning blows at least two farts before going to the bathroom.I must admit it does sometimes turn me on.

    • I would love to be face first right behind her so I could whiff her asshole and see her thin pajamas move from the force of her big farts . Are they long loud ones?

    • Female farts and shit smell worse than males. You can look it up as it was researched. And this fetish is disgusting.

    • Wrong.

    • Nope, it’s true. Google is your friend

    • Well, not exactly but I do enjoy something you might like. I grab used panties left at a local recycle swap shop and love wearing them. Not only do I feel sexy wearing panties but I enjoy knowing that the woman or girl who wore them undoubtedly farted in them a lot. Also that they masturbated in them. I love wearing them.

    • I love to sniff dirty ass streaked panties. Sweaty plus skid marks is heaven. Give me 2 pair one on my cock as I jerk it hard and one under my nose .

    • Sorry can't get on board with that one. But whatever works for you I say enjoy!

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