Two couples realize there all bi

Let’s start with we are all in our 30s all very attractive and never new we were bi.

So one night me my wife her best friend and her boyfriend go out.
We are partying all night having a great night now the end of the night comes and no one can drive home so I’m nyc hotels expensive we decided let’s chip in get best biggest toon we can.
(Mind you I’m a sexual freak im dying to fuck my wife hard in-front of them).
So we get a beautiful hotel down in lower manhattan big room couch kitchen huge shower and bathtub.
Only one problem it only has one huge California king bed.
So we are all still chilling partying my wife’s friends bf decided he going to jump in bath relax which I thought was odd but kinda liked being fucked up and horny so about 45 mins goes by I gotta piss he still in bathroom I’m like fuck it dude I’m coming in I walk in to piss he has a huge massive cock erect in his hand beating it…
He immediately was like bro I’m sorry I’m so horny now the freak comes out of me I say no need to be sorry (because I kinda liked it)

I take my piss and ask him hey you think if I come in there with you sit ass to ass both us jerk our cocks so hard and call our girls in they will dig it?

He reply’s Idfk but I’ll dig it I immediately said fuck I guess I will to let’s do it I jump in this huge tub now it’s me him ass to ass both us jerking our cocks hard we call our girls in they come in and instantly you can see his girl shaking she got so wet.

My wife since we are married decided let me fuck with them.
She says baby you want us? You guys want to fuck us?
We both reply yes.
She says grab each others cocks
Now I never have been in bi situation mind you I do love big fat cocks fucking female Or even my wife I fantasize about.

So I said fuck it he has a big fat veiny cock maybe she will fuck him if I do this.
I ask him he says let’s go

Now me and him are jerking each other hard
We tell them sit on our cocks
My wife instantly went to his big cock his girl instantly jumped on my cock we fucked each others partners for hours. Came multiple times in there pussys while giving each other high fives

It was the best night of our lives

Feb 26

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