We had hired a girl who lives down the street to babysit our son so that we could attend a Super Bowl party. It was the first time that I had gone out without the baby since he was born, so I was a bit nervous. She is 17, a senior in high school and seemed quite mature for her age otherwise I would not have gone. Just after the halftime show, she texted me and said that he was being very fussy and would not take the bottle that I had left for him. He is only 4 months old and since I was still breast feeding, it didn’t surprise me that he wouldn’t take to the bottle. The combination of the bottle and the taste of formula was not something that he was used to. We weren’t far away so left my husband at the party and went home to feed the baby.

The babysitter was very intrigued watching me breast feed and was very inquisitive. I let her see everything. He was very hungry and tired. He went to sleep immediately after the feeding. After putting him down, we continued our discussion about breast feeding while sitting on the couch. My blouse was still undone so I let her explore the twins. After seeing some seepage, she was curious about the taste. It wasn’t sexual, but I let her nurse. It was interesting looking down, holding her head as I would my child and watching her suck on my tits. That went on way longer than it should have and she switched from one side to the other. It actually felt good to relieve some of the pressure from having full breasts and she was obviously enjoying it. Her curiosity satisfied, we stopped, and I returned to the party.

Later when my husband and I returned and I was letting her out the door, she kissed me on the cheek and said thank you. Instinctively, I said ‘Anytime’. She excitedly replied ‘Really’ and I realized that we were not talking about her babysitting.

Feb 15

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    • I was babysitting this 6-mnth old baby girl on weekends. One evening she would not sleep, so I made one tea spoonful of a paste of her formula milk, applied it to my nips and let her suckle on them till she fell asleep. I had an enormous climax!!

    • Don't go to jail but I'd 100% explore this if not illegal in your state. Get yiur husband in on this! He will appreciate it very much!

    • Are you going to do it Again?

    • So hot

    • Are you bi-curious? If so this looks like an opportunity to explore, tho please talk to hubby 1st, because if he were to find out after the fact, he may have a very bad reaction. Not something you want to do to your baby

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