Wife seduced by her old HS teacher

When my wife was 20 she was invited to the house of a teacher she had had a crush on in high school.
She said it was a real "learning experience" about men -
She said that though she was not popular in school, and had had few dates - she would come to find out over the following few years that men found her to be very desirable. High school idiots - she's 5'7", 130 lbs, blue eyes, long blonde hair, cute tight little ass and great legs!
She said it did not take her teacher long to start putting the moves on her once she arrived in the privacy of his house.
After a good bit of necking and petting, which she said was an enjoyable first for her - he discovered that she was a virgin....and apparently he did not want to deal with that quasi-messy & maybe legal situation in his bed. "She's a very recent student!"

So, my wife said he talked softly to her as he had her stand in front of his bed, while he unbuttoned her blouse, removed her bra, unzipped her tight jeans, and complimented her on her cute bikini panties as he slid them down her long tanned legs and step out of them - totally embarrassed and totally naked, in front of him...he mentioned, while staring longingly at the tight little blonde triangle between her legs - that there were "other ways a young woman can satisfy a man without me forcing my way into you here"...pointing to her pussy. "Would you like me to show you?"
She was nervous but she wanted to please him, nodded.
My wife said he had her lay on his bed, while he stood next to her and removed all of his clothes. This was her first look at an engorged penis - and she said she was glad he wasn't going to "force" that into her!
He leaned over and kissed her while fondling her breasts, pulling too hard on her nipples, reaching under her to squeeze her young bottom too hard also - and then slipping a finger too slowly up between her lips down there to play for a bit with her clit. She enjoyed his touch there and was about to cum when he placed his penis near her mouth and told her to kiss the head of it. When she did he leaned over her and pushed it into her mouth, and slowly kept pushing it into her face until she gagged. Then he eased back and began what she now knows is called fucking her face. He eventually saw that this was too advanced for her .....she might complain to her friends - and this might all get back to his school job. So, he pulled his dick out of her mouth and swung a leg over her to mount her chest.
He took her hands and showed her how to push her smallish breasts together to make a "pillow" for his dick. He proceeded to look down smiling at her while he fucked her young breasts with his large penis. My wife said she could tell he was very turned on to be riding atop the sweet breasts of this sexy ex-student, with his dick poking her chin and neck...
The afternoon took a very strange twist - because just as he began loosing his warm thick load of semen onto her chest, neck and her lower face - the doorbell rang!
He swore loudly, climbed off her = put his robe on and went down to answer the door.
My wife could hear a couple of teenaged girls laughing and chatting with their teacher at the bottom of the stairs. Thoroughly embarrasseed....she wiped his cum off herself with his sheets, and quickly put on her blouse and jeans - slipping her bra and panties into her purse.
As soon as the girls left his driveway - she came down and eased past her former teacher - as he was trying to talk her into another round of "getting to know her!" He'd been trying to get her to drink all afternoon.
My wife showed me his pictures in her year book. He looked like a little sleezy long haired butter ball to me. But I guess girls thought him cute.
My wife said she was very glad HE was not the one to get her virginity!

1 month ago

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    • My wife added to this after reading it today....
      "This guy did plenty of things which embarrassed me, as a virgin, that day - but perhaps the most embarrassing moment, was -- after he stripped me and I was standing in front of him - totally naked for the first time with a man - and he is staring at my fir, he slid his hands onto my bare bottom and pulled me to him. He was kneading my butt with his fingers....and pulled me until his face was in my fir. And then he started smelling me!.....sniffing my crotch....and rubbing his nose into my curls"
      While he stayed there breathing in and rubbing.....he said, "absolutely nothing smells as good as a young girls fresh pussy!"
      I guess it was sexy - but I was turning beet red with his hands squeezing my bottom and his face buried in my crotch!
      "Remember - I was a virgin!"

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