I know where I contracted it.

I know exactly where I contracted the Chinese virus. From a cheap stripper in a low end titty bar. She was drunk and I do love drunk gals. Plus if your a great tipper the drunk gals allow more liberties.
The lap dance started out with a reverse headstand where they stick their ass right in your face. Whew she stunk like old ass! I turned my head away waiting for it to end. I turned back to face her ass and smelled something else. A little fresher smell of shit with a slight food odor as well. The cheap slut must have farted.
I gave her a gentle nudge away to indicate the headstand is over.
Five days later I tested pos for the virus.

10 days ago

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    • Bull

    • Is that your top man’s name?

      What is your name? Darcy? Buttercup?

    • Yup that's what you get from girls from that life style! You are lucky that's all you got!

    • Stop sucking diseased cocks and you won't get viruses mate

    • Appreciate your advice. It’s obvious you experienced that too several times.

    • Only from the one time your daddy begged me to suck his little peeper cause your mother was too busy getting a train run on her (;

    • My daddy didn’t beg you - he pegged you. He said after he pulled his polyp scraper out of your ass you slobbered all over it like it was a fudgecicle.
      He said if it wasn’t for you mom shitting in your mouth at the same time you wouldn’t have enough brains to find your way out of the trailer park to walk to school the next day.

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