My boyfriend and his mate

Most slutty thing I ever did, in my 20s. Used to stay with my boyfriend at his flat he had with his friend.
In the morning my boyfriend went to work and me and his friend would get it on before he went to work and I went to college. I learnt how much I loved the secrecy of it, actually how easy I coped with it. I liked him never loved him I guess. . I loved being in the flat with 2 lads who just wanted me. And it made me really horny.
I loved when my boyfriend went to the loo or something and he would stare at me with such lust. At first embarrassing. Later I would whisper to him ask him if he was going to fuck me hard tomorrow. He would beg me to flash him my tits or my knickers and he would be beside himself. I was sexy then small breasts, nice bum and despite the 2 of them nice and tight apparently.

I loved being with my boyfriend knowing his friend could hear the bed creaking or my moans , he said he could even hear the sound of me sucking. I loved morning sex with my boyfriend, his friend hated that he took me in the morning but my boyfriend loved morning sex.

I loved getting up afterwards to the kitchen for a drink after he had gone to work. His mate coming through touching me, kissing me, groping me but reluctant to finger me because of the sperm in me. Sometimes I’d play hard to get others I’d just let him straight away.
Other times I’d stay in my boyfriends bed, pretending to fall back asleep, knowing he would come in , teasing my clit. The sexiest thing we would do was I helped him to “blackmail “ me. I’d said one time that he always had this over me, that I would always let him in return for him not telling my boyfriend. If I ever refused he should insist. God that made him extra hard!
Something very sexy about him insisting with me pretending not to want it but reluctantly agreeing. Being on top of him begging him to just let me wank him off, do we have to do this? whilst fucking him I found a huge turn on. Him disgusted that I’d let my boyfriend come in me that morning me asking him not to add his sperm but loving it when he did. God I’m horny now. The only person I ever told was my sister.
Eventually me and the boyfriend split up. Not enough there. And so that was the end of my slutty days. But loved it.

27 days ago

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    • It’s been a few years since our divorce, but a few months ago we lost our son to a drunk driver, I moved back in with my ex to help out with the kids, I have 2 kids with John, he’s got 2 kids from his other marriage. But recently I’ve been having sex with John and my boy friend. Some times both in the same day. I would stay with my boy friend Tim, a night here and there, then with John. I had my own room with John, but now we’re sharing rooms again, and I’m not even hiding it from the kids.

    • 🙂 I think you have carried on the slutinuss for me x

    • How old are you now and do you still like to sneak around?!?!

    • In my 40’s, right side of 45. No I don’t sneak although this has made me think of it! I flirt with my boss, I have for years, we’ve had a bit of phone sex, not often, sometimes he’s just needed it and I’ve relented. Harmless. Very sexy though. I’ve been faithful physically and mainly satisfied, got a good husband much stronger than my boyfriend was then so haven’t felt the same need to sneak around I guess. He’s always had a good eye on me and kids mean u focus on other stuff. I’m sat in bed now horny, confessing on here makes me feel really horny, Christmas Eve, wouldn’t mind my old boyfriends friend insisting on me taking my knickers off and getting on top of him now x

    • Once a slut always a slut -- but that's a good thing if you can keep it from jealous husband and not get knocked up by your side fuck -- Be safe.

    • I’ve never thought of being a slut as good before, always bad. And I haven’t been one for a long time. But I guess your right, it’s def still in there, I’m wet now thinking about how I’d like another man on top of me and my fellas sleeping next to me! I replaced being a slut with imagining being one I guess either with my fingers or when we have sex. Easiest with the light off or from behind. My favourite is burglars overpowering us, him handcuffed in front of my husband, maybe the humiliation of them getting me going, having to do it in front of him. Maybe they make me get on top of him too as their cum leaks out of me. When I went to college after my boyfriend and then his mate had, even if I’d showered i could feel the cum leaking later in the day. A delicious reminder I would sit there remembering how I’d been fucked or how I’d fucked them and wondering whose cum it was. So sexy but also I’d be petrified I smelt of it. I don’t think I did but my knickers always did. I do check my knickers after sex, kind of reminds you your still human. Sorry if too much information but it really turned me on and still does now. X

    • "Slut" like "bitch" can be too harsh nouns. A bitch is a nice lady most of the time. A Slut makes for the perfect honey wife, and some married Trucker's side fuck. She's keeping him nice and safe for his wife from Truck stop hookers, and no one is the wiser. Be sure to only side fuck married men and Be safe.

    • Not too much information at all. Very sexy. That’s a sexy image of you being fucked by your fella from behind pretending it’s someone else. In another reply you’ve said you had phone sex with your boss. Tell us about it, how it happened and what u said and did slut

    • Hope you post lady.

    • Thank you. I don’t quite have the figure I once did. And I married and had kids which gave me a different outlook on life. They are older now though. Have been pretty much faithful since being married if you don’t count phone sex and getting groped on the tube and I don’t count either. 😙

    • That is really sexy!
      Thanks for posting.
      My first wife was a super flirt with my in particular saw her in her little bikini panties I don't know how many times. This turned all 3 of us on, no end.
      Eventually she did bring him to bed with us. Just once - but memorable for all 3 of us - for years afterwards.
      I always get more turned on by guys seeing my wife's panties. No understanding why it is just the panties thing!

    • Thank you. It’s taken me right back posting that. Pleased you found it sexy. My boyfriend then wouldn’t have found it sexy me being with his mate or me showing him my knickers even never mind us getting it on in his bed! Although I wouldn’t change my life since I’d like to go back to those days just more time. And yes I know u men are obsessed by knickers more than we ever are about your boxers. I don’t know why after all there isn’t much to see but I guess it’s nice you look. X

    • Would you send me some pics of her panties

    • Im horny

    • Me, my boyfriend and his friends are in a polyramorous relationship

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