Friend of her father felt up my tipsy wife

My flirty blonde & slim 38 yr old wife had planned a girls night out with her two female friends to a local bar/restaurant. I told her to go, have fun and I'd put our 2 children to bed. She came out and showed me what she was wearing - a cute khaki short skirt, with a nice semi-modest slit, button up blouse, no panty hose since it was summer and her legs were very tanned. She asked, "do I look OK for a mom of two?" I asked if she knew what a MILF was. Embarrassed, she said, "oh you! - stop it!"
I said, "do me a favor, honey; give a couple of guys a panty shot in that skirt. Come home, and tell me all about it in bed tonight?"
She only shook her long blonde hair..."Men!"

Well after midnight I heard her ride pull into our drive. She came through the door giggling, very tipsy and .......glowing! Went straight upstairs to use the bathroom, and came down wearing only a see-through lace body shirt. The kind that snaps in the crotch and is cut almost as a thong back.
"No panties?", I said.
She giggled, "There's a story".

To get to it: After necking with me and letting me feel her all over - she related that there were "3 or 4 guys" sitting nearby, at the bar - who looked like they'd be "nice to f_ck" (my wife never uses that word!) So, after a few glasses of white wine she remembered my request and made sure they got a nice look at her crotch, by hiking her skirt up "a little".

At this point one of her friends cautioned her - to which she replied "I'm on orders to be a flirt tonight!" And they both laughed - "giving hubby a story for tonight, eh?, Lucky you!"

One of the 60 yr old guys at the bar was an old friend of her Dad's - which my wife did not notice, until he came and introduced himself - and said he had a request from one of the fellows she'd been smiling at every time she went by to the ladie's room. He handed her a not. It read "we'll give you $50 for those panties." She read this and was angry, and ......a little pleased with the compliment. Reading over her shoulder, he said, "well?" She said, "thank them - but no." Then added, "not for $50."

He came back with $150 and put it in her hand. She slipped off to the ladies room - came back and tucked her panties into his suit pocket at the bar. Thinking, "this is going to be one great story for Jim!" (me)

Father's friend had been flirting with her for years - and I well knew how sexy she found older men to be. (like myself) She'd had several older lovers before our marriage.

He now slid into the booth with her, and ordered her a champagne. (which opens her legs - every time!) After a time he rested his hand on her thigh, chatted her up , and slowly slid his hand just below her crotch. Then he whispered in her ear that for years he'd longed to just "touch her fir."

What did you say to that?, I asked.

"Honey....I'm sorry, but I let him pull my leg towards him under the table, while he licked my neck. He was so gentle, and he smelled so good, and I'd always enjoyed his flirting with me. I'd lost my panties, and well....there was nothing down there but me....and he played with my curls for a long time until I opened my legs further for let him know, "Yes!" And he did - with one long warm finger!"
"That's all, it was just for a moment.....and I pulled his hand away."
What did he do?
He looked into my eyes, smiled, said 'thank you Cathy!' and put his finger in his mouth!

Her girlfriend, who'd witnessed all this said, "OK!, time to take you home little girl!" In the car she asked, "are you going to tell Jim about your evening? All of it?"

She did - and at breakfast the next morning I aksed if she was OK. She said, "I'm still a little embarrassed at my behavior - and .....well, after you finished with me honey, it'll be a few days before I can wear my tight jeans again!" And smiled, beautifully.

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    • My wife is chubby and sometimes when we go out she will flash to other guys. The guys love her flashing particularly when she takes off her knickers carrying on flashing. She has even been invited to go to one of the guys flat which ended up with her completely stripping. This in turn ended up with a full gangbang with me just watching which in itself is very exciting!

    • My wife is really turned on to older guys. She said they "are sooo apreciative!"
      Yes, well, 5'7", 130lbs, blonde blue eyes....and loves to fuck!
      Before we married she had several older lovers.
      She said one of her best youthfull fantasies was to serve as hostess to her dad and his friends as they played cards. 25 yrs old, short skirt, and a little flirting.
      Her fantasy was to wait on her bed upstairs , while one of the men "won her" at cards. As her father had overexteneded his betting. Payment was to be the fellow getting to spend the night with the young daughter upstairs. (she said she'd read this in a magazine and found it very sexy)
      She layed on her tummy, reading a magazine, topless and wearing only a sheer string bikini panty with her legs slightly a hint to her willingness.
      The winner came up, turned out the light and began kissing his way up her legs, pulling her panties partly off her butt and licking between her cheeks.
      She said he took her in several positions, including 69....and never seemed to tire. Turning and entering her over and over. Fondling, kissing, sucking her breasts, pussy and bottom....
      Not a word was said - save for her frequent moaning and his just as frequent grunting.
      She said she thoroughly enjoyed his skills at satisfying a woman....and was amazed at his stamina....since she'd felt him cum several times in her and - on her chest, her tummy, between her cheeks and in her mouth twice..
      In the morning she woke thoroughly sated, more than a little sore in her bum and pussy....with her mouth with swollen lips and swollen nipples and a few hickies on both breasts. She heard a noise, sat up, went to the window and saw 3 handsome broadly smiling older men getting into their cars .......
      She shares these fantasies and we fuck like crazy!
      By daylight - she is a bit of a flirt - but nothing out of hand.

    • Have fun and enjoy her coming home to you

    • This is going to lead up to someone fucking your wife. Will you be ready when it happens? There is nothing like sloppy seconds although I really like eating another man's come out of my wife as soon as she gets home. I stay erect the entire time that she is out on a date knowing that she will come home to me full of another man's come. It is a turn on for me knowing that other men find my wife attractive and that they want and do fuck her.

    • Love sloppy seconds and clean up duty.

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