Hiw I screwed My wife’s step daughter again

Last night I hit the chance to screwed my wife’s step daughter for the second time in a few weeks! When I got home from work yesterday evening I found my wife and her step daughter naked in our bed making out with each other !
Just I walked inside our house I found a note for me saying when you read this note and fallow the instructions as written get naked and go into the bedroom and join me in bed !
So I did what the note said for me to do just as I walked into the bedroom and found my wife and her step daughter laying in bed waiting for me !!
So I walked over to the bed and got between the 2 of them!
They started to touch my body all over and started kissing me and slowly going down between my legs and started sucking on my cock ! After a few minutes I grabbed my wife’s step daughter and pulled her up and made her get on top of my face so I can really enjoy eating her hot pussy while my wife is sucking on my cock !
After little while my wife got up and mounted my cock and started riding me like a horse and now her step daughter and my wife started to kiss each other !
By now I’m so horny !
Then my wife and her step daughter decided to make nothing’s more interesting for all 3 of us so they changed the plan and had her step daughter go down between her legs and start eating her pussy while start to fuck her from behind in her ass just the way she wanted me to ! I really enjoyed how I felt being inside of her tight ass !
I couldn’t hold back from cumming inside of her ass ! After I pulled out of her ass the 2 of them started to suck on my cock that was such a intense feeling! After I got a few minutes to recover what I’m involved in ! So now my wife is waving me over to her honey pot between her legs and told me that’s it’s her turn to get fucked in her ass !
That’s my wife and I can’t turn her down on my chance to fuck her ass ! She’s never let me do that to her before tonight!
So she got onto her knees in front of me so I went down between her legs and started to lick her ass to get her ready for me to fuck he ass !
So as I started to push my cock into her ass she started to push back towards me! After I was balls deep inside of her ass I started to move my hips around she started to moan and telling me to go faster and harder that she’s going to have a Orgasm and she wants her step daughter to get under her body so she can lick her pussy while I’m fucking her ass and about to Cumm all over her step daughters face !
I couldn’t hold myself back any longer I really needed to release my hot load of Cumm inside of my wife’s ass ! Just as I was done cumming inside of my wife’s ass I pulled out and let run down the crack of her ass !
And watching her step daughter between her legs licking up my Cumm from her ass !
After all of the intense sex we had together we just payed there on the bed just side by side looking up at the ceiling thinking how amazing the night started out to be !
The next morning I got up out of bed and found them in the kitchen making breakfast for me 3 of us !
So as we are eating our breakfast they told me that they have something to tell me . I replied back to them so tell me what is it that you ou need to tell me .
So at the same time they said that we are pregnant! I started to think WTF how did this happen!
I know a weeks ago we had sex for my wife’s step daughters birthday!
I’ve always wanted to be a father but didn’t think that I was going to have 2 woman pregnant at the same time and with my wife and her step daughter !
Holly shit !
I really glad that I have a great job and making a lot of money to take care of of them ! Their is no way in hell that I’m going to walk away from them !
I’ll do my best to make things work out for all of us !

1 month ago

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    • Holy fuck reading this has made my pussy very wet. X

    • My stepdaughter spied on me and her mom fucking one night when we were in a hotel room. We thought the girls were asleep. I just happened to glance over and see her watching us by the light coming in from the outside lamps. Her and I were already fooling around a little...not fucking yet, but some pretty heavy petting and kissing like you wouldn't believe. But I loved the thought of her watching me shove my cock in her mom's pussy...and even more that she enjoyed watching. So I just smiled at her and when she smiled back, I thought I'd try something. Her mom was a total slut and would do anything in the sack, so I whispered in her ear that her daughter was watching us fuck. She flinched a little but I stopped her from panicking by holding her down a little and telling her it was okay. She whispered "what do you mean", and I told her that her daughter was enjoying it. She thought about it for a moment, my hard dick still pumping her wet pussy, and then she started grinding her hips again in motion with me, an evil smile spreading across her face. To make a long story short, it wasn't too long after that we had her in bed with us, lapping mommy's pussy and slurping my cock, losing her virginity to my shaft.

    • So, just so I understand, hot loads of Cumm in your wife's ass, step-daughter's ass, running down your wife's ass crack, step-daughter licking up hot Cumm from your wife's hot ass, and they had a surprise, because they said, 'we have a surprise !" and you asked, "what is that surprise ? " and they said, "The surprise is we are going to have a couple of ass crack babies ! " and you had to Cumm hot loads in your tighty whities just dreaming of being Turd Daddy ? Your excitement is so great, I can smell it !

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