Hard to find a man I can suck him off

I’m a married man that can’t find another man to let me suck his cock and let him dump his hot load of Cumm in my open mouth and have him pound my ass balls deep! I love having a man tell me what to do to make him happy. I’ll do anything I mean anything I don’t really care he wants me to do for him what ever he wants I’ll do it! If he wants to fuck my ass dry without any lube ! Not a problem!
If him and his buddies want to fuck my ass and my mouth at the same time ok no problem if they want to fuck my ass with both of their cocks at the same time ok not a problem!
To be honest I’m willing to take on as many hard dicks that Cumm my way as long as it’s fat and hard I won’t mind if it’s not hard I’ll suck it and get him hard so I can enjoy every inch of his hard dick in my mouth or ass I won’t care just give me what I want!
I you want me to suck your dick while you put your hands on the back of my head and force me all of the way down on his dick and try to make me gag that’s ok I really enjoy it when a man takes full control of me no matter if I’m sucking on his dick Or him fucking my ass ! As long as he makes sure no Cumm inside of me my mouth or my ass I don’t care now if he can have enough balls to Cumm inside of me twice once in my mouth and twice in my ass !
I’ll definitely respect him for that !
The more hard dicks the better for me !
I’ve been gang banged a few times already! I prefer bareback only after I’ve known on for a while I need to make sure that your d/d free before we do anything involving sex !
The first few times we will have sexual encounters you will be wearing a condom to protect the both of us from all of the fucked up shit going around nowadays!
You know what they say better safe than sorry !

1 month ago

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    • Just go to a gay bar idiot. Stop posting that bull shit here trying to find someone here. This ain't no dating site.
      Plus go tell your poor wife first that you are a faggot cock sucker so she can do what she wants to do! Thats not fair to her and her family. WTF is wrong with you? You get married and then want to cheat with another man? Really unbelievable..

    • She knows what I’m doing! She also likes to go down on other woman I don’t have any problem with that because we will share the other’s partners sometimes times together other times alone with each other’s partners !

    • Yeh I call bull shit to that! Wait till an STD or STI comes home and see how fun that is.

    • You're not trying. Either that, or, you're too young to get into gay clubs or adult bookstores. I'm going with the later.

    • I’m always looking for a swing dick to hang out with !
      or hang on to !
      I’m old enough to know better and young enough not to give a shit !

    • Im looking for a roomate

    • I can do many things loyaly

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