I wish I could

The day after having sex with my wife, I smell her vagina on my penis. I love this, but I want to taste it! I usually will spit onto my cock, and lick my fingers after stroking myself. I wish I could just suck her juices directly off my penis. I am not even bothered by it mixing with the come I deposited inside her, quite the contrary. I enjoy the taste of my come, especially when it dripped out of her onto me. I would love to eat my creampie out of her vagina, too!

1 month ago

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    • I want to lick my wife pussy after I shoot my load but won't let me. Sometimes next morning after sex I will tell her blow me clean my cock she says no first but ends up cleaning my smelling cock

    • Nothing wrong with that . I have licked it off my finger couple time. I used to love licking my wife pussy the next morning after sex . She would be hesitant but would give in. I want to clean up a full fresh creampie from her. When we were young she loved kissing after I oozed in her mouth from a bj now she hesitant. She usually gets her underwear and puts between her legs after I drop my load in her to not make a mess. When she finally gets up to use the restroom she throw them in the hamper. I grab them sniff them and lick them up before she comes out. She caught me once called me a freak lol

    • After having some great sex, I always love the scent my boxers get from her mixed with mine. I always sniff her panties, but after sex I can masturbate to my boxers filled with the scent of both of our come.

    • Don't forget to snowball, surprise her after she blows you. She'll never expect you to stick your tongue in her mouth, where your penis just came all over. If you're lucky maybe there will be some left on her lips!

    • I go down on my wife forever, taste like a fresh caught trout, dipped in cherry cola. She's like a squirt gun when I get her going. I bring a sandwich bag but 9 out of 10 times she's wide right or left or I totally miss it. I'll then turn the bag inside out to her tune of "you're fucking crazy" and stick 2 finger up in the bag up her fun hole -- seal in that perfume and enjoy it at work.

    • I sucked my gf's pussy soon after dumping my load into her - the warmth and smell of our cum juices are simply delicious. Best position is assuming the 69ing!!

    • I bet that was amazing!

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