Tired of being made fun of.

I am so tired of being made fun of by both men and women. My penis is only 4 inches long and 3.75 in circumference. Yes I know I'm small. I don't need you to remind me. I stay home and jerk off when feel the urge . I went to get a blow job one time and the girl said wow I should only charge you half cause that's like half a normal sized cock. If I wasn't so horny I would have left then but I stayed. She brought a couple of her co workers to see my cock and they laughed also. I got made fun of in the junior high and high school showers. It was terrible . I wanted to die. Put yourselves in my shoes. You wouldn't like being made fun of about something so sensitive. I'm totally afraid of women now. I stay to my self . I just want to be loved for who I am is that too much to ask.

12 days ago


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    • I have a large cock. It's more than 9 inches long. Nice and thick. I don't get much pussy. I'm not like ugly nor super good looking . It certainly hasn't help me get laid.

    • My cock is four and a half inches fully erect. Wife never complains and we've been married for 18 years now. No she's not cheating . We both are good Catholics. You just need to find a good woman. They are out there. You won't find them at the bars, clubs, gym, etc. I'm very lucky. She gives me all the sex I desire . In 18 years she said no only twice and that was because she wasn't feel well. Find yourself a good Godly woman and it will be okay. You can find love . I did !

    • I'm tired of guys posting about having little dicks. Not a big deal really. Most women are use to seeing small cocks. Just ask my wife. She's a nurse and sees plenty little ones. Big ones are far and few between.

    • I have a 5 inch cock. I get more pussy than some of my friends who are bigger. Probably cause I'm good looking and they are average. I currently don't have a girlfriend but that's by my choice. I dumped my last girlfriend cause she was way too needy . Anyway you don't need a huge cock to get laid. Trying acting like your somebody . Stop acting like you don't count. Walk like a man . Try it . You need some confidence.

    • Stop showing your cock to women, problem solved!

    • He's afraid to don't you read asshole ! Stupid fucking morons I swear Jesus H Christ .

    • Great so how do I have sex then if I can't show them my cock? Your no help idiot.

    • Work on your delivery man. I gree start acting like you have a set.

    • Don't beat yourself up flaccid I'm like 2-1/2 inches erect 5 to 5-1/2. I dont pee in men urinals wait till a stall is empty. One girl I was with said I won't look at it when I suck it also wife has said it's small. So I have cheated about 60 times barback blow my load in them

    • I just need a woman who will not say anything and still fuck me . Is that so much to ask. I'd take a pity fuck.

    • Too much to ask . My best advice is find a young girl before she gets a big one stuffed into her pussy.

    • Two inches would give you six inch cock. That's about average . Bigger than my cock . I'd do it if I was younger . Two inches would give me seven . Not bad but I'm too old .

    • Have you looked into penis enlargement? Hey even a couple inches may have a huge impact on how you see yourself. Forget pills they don't work.

    • I totally understand. I'm pretty small also . I'm 4' 8" . Try finding a woman as short as me . Most are all at least 5' 3" or taller. At least I have a six inch willy . If I was as small as you I would probably jump off a bridge . I feel your sorrow . Peace !

    • My cock is so fucking small . Your mother can take it all easily . She's great at giving head.

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