Naughty Can Be Rewarding

My cheating husband led me into this. I was at my sister's house telling my sister that my husband might be cheating on me. She saw how pissed off I was so she spiked my coffee with some booze to calm me down. After I chilled out a bit I happened to look out the kitchen window. My nephew was siting out back with his new girlfriend. He had his dick out. It was a good size and she was taking pics of it with her smart phone and I guess she was showing it off to her friends. I didn't say anything to my sister
A couple weeks later my nephew shows up with a package from my sister. My sister got me addicted to spiked coffee which eases my my mind. I already had several cups and my nephew saw the bottle on the table. "Help yourself. " I said as I sat on the couch. He pour a bit out and joined me. I guess I was a bit tipsy and said to him, "Don't think of me as your aunt. Think of me as a milf cougar. " He must of known it was the booze talking because I asked if wanted to see this old gals tits and removed my top exposing my small saggy tits. "They probably don't turn you on as much as your girlfriends. I place his hand on one and leaned into him kissing him. He just went along with my actions. As he squeezed my tit and nipple I undid his pants and told him a needed a young lasting cock, pulling it out and went down on it. "Oh hell! "he blurted out and I started to masturbate it.
It was so hard and stiff that I took off my bottoms and lowered myself on it " You're being a dirty slut! " he said to me. I told him that this slut wanted him to grope my tits as I bounced on his shaft. I've gotten so wet that I begged for his cream pie. I wanted his cream pie in me so my husband can taste it when my husband decides to eat me that day.
Then I asked my nephew to do me and talk dirty to me one day and have my husband catch us. " This old gal wants you deeply as a boy toy. " making him promise he'll be.

10 months ago

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    • I fuck milf’s all the time!!

    • You lecherous, drunken old wench.

    • Just like mum, eh?

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