First time cheating

When I first met my husband we were both still dating and sleeping with others. I was still fucking my ex and he was seeing an older woman for a few months after we became girlfriend and boyfriend. If we went out separately with our friends it was kinda accepted that stuff might happen with others, so we were never really exclusive until we got married. For a few months, at least.

The first Christmas after our wedding in the summer and I went to my office party. They had hired a venue and there was an open bar so everyone was very drunk. Spouses and partners were invited but my husband didn't want to go for whatever reason so I took my friend as my plus one.

Well things got raunchier as the night wore on. My friends knickers came off and were being thrown around the room. I ended up dancing topless at one point with another girl. Me and my friend made out in front of everyone. And I had been dancing pretty intimately with one of the guys in my department, Jon.

I had never really paid much attention to Jon as he kept himself to himself at work, but the free booze obviously brought him out of his shell. As we danced he pressed his crotch into my bum and groped my breasts from behind, and later we kissed while he ran his hands all over me. I was soaking wet for most of the night. I had done stuff like this before thousands of times, but this was my first time as a married woman and that made it a huge turn on.

My friend went home with one of the single guys so I was going to have to get a cab alone. Jon suggested we share as we were going the same way. Inevitably we started making out in the back of the taxi. He reached under my dress and fingered my soaking pussy. I ended up blowing him and swallowing his hot, thick load (most of it - he came so much some of it ended up on my dress). The taxi driver was swerving all over the road as he tried to watch the live sex show on the back seat.

We got to my house and I kissed him goodnight and went in as he drove away in the cab. I hadn't cum yet so I ran upstairs and woke my husband up. He was only too happy to fuck his horny, wet wife and soon I was riding his hard cock while I fingered my clit. He asked what I'd been up to to get me so wet, so I told him everything that happened at the party followed by a detailed description of how I'd sucked a guy I barely knew off in the back of a taxi.

Well at hearing that he came harder than I'd ever felt before, shooting his hot semen into my soaking pussy. That set me off and I had an intense orgasm that seemed to last entire minutes. It was amazing.

A week later and it was our departmental Christmas meal, and Jon was there again. This time we had prepared - my husband knew what I was up to and wasn't expecting to see me until the next day, and Jon had told his girlfriend some excuse that meant we could enjoy the whole night together in a hotel room fucking each other's brains out. It was incredible, the first new cock I had inside me for nearly a year. Jon was such a heavy cummer, it felt amazing. I was sore afterwards but so worth it.

And of course I told my husband all about my adventures while we made passionate love the next day.

10 months ago


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    • You sound like my hot slut wife 40 years ago. But I wasn't so accommodating. Raised by a liberal mom who had her on BC at 15, I was her husband and strict dad. "you get your whore ass home by midnight." The benefits, sex 3x a day or more-- lunchtime blowjobs. I kept her busy. I guess I signed up for her misbehaving. At a neighbor's Xmas party, older guy hitting on her -- she's all chummy -- his old plane Jane wife is a wall flower. Later she tells me she knows him from work, 2 years ago gave him his first and only blowjob, has a big dick so she fucked a couple times too. That's my girl, proud of it too. Since kids she's been almost a saint. Almost, mid 40s she had a fling with a college quarterback. "guilty, I still fuck quarterbacks,but how many want to fuck an old lady?" He should help you cross the street, not stick his dick in you, told her. I laugh about now, mock her some when she talks about a slut girl "look who's talking." Her College reunion. "There's my old BF, ask him if he'll sell you some nude pictures of your wife." She reads the Bible to the congregation Sundays.

    • I like her style!

    • My oh my. I want you right now. We can work it out if you are interested.

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    • Katewife Im so fucking wet right now reading your stories about what you have done. I want your sexy body. I want rough lesbian sex as we mate each other cum and squirt uncontrollably over and over. I want to drink you as you sit on my face as you cum and piss in my mouth mmm. Fuck yes make me drink you babe xxx

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