Made my wife wait in the car while I talked woman into a BJ

Tile sums it up. My wife and I were out of town and about to head back when I insisted I pop in a place I wanted some questions answered real quick. Turned out the counter girl didn't actually work there. She was watching the place while her friend was gone with her side guy. We talked about the shop and then she announced she was married. Her husband said he picked her because she WASN'T the kind to cheat. She then wanted to know if I thought she was the kind to cheat or not.

An odd question to blurt out, I thought. I told her she'd have to show me her tits first before I'd answer that. It didn't take much to talk her into that. Once her top and bra was off, it wasn't hard at all to get her to blow me. Wasn't great but we were both in a hurry.

When I got to my car I told the truth when my wife asked me what took me so long. She didn't believe me. I bet my wife to go ask the woman at the counter if my tale was true. If my wife then believed me, from the reaction or response, my wife had to give the woman her phone number for if she wants to join us for a threesome.

I won on both counts

10 months ago

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    • Just finished fucking my girlfriend at her house she fell asleep. Went out back her brother had guest over partying . One of his friends girlfriends said she didn't feel good so I offered her to go in lay on the couch. Ten minutes later I go in lock the back door so none the guest come in . I start feeling her out she pulls down her shorts and opens her legs. Pushes my head down so I'm eating her out as my girlfriend now my wife is sleeping in one the rooms. I whip my dick out get between her legs and fuck her slow till I nut in her. She pulls her shorts up goes in the restroom. I unlock the back door go in my girlfriend room open those legs and drop another load in her. Fuck i was 19 good times

    • You expect us to believe this shit ? You actually went inside to ask directions ? Hand in your man card, pronto, you pantywaist !

    • Truth, in this case, WAS stranger than fiction. I didn't ask for directions. I came in to find out about the services of the facility. She knew nearly nothing as she didn't actually work there. As I said in the original post, she was covering for her best friend, who was off cheating on her husband. She too was a newlywed military dependent spouse.

      I teased her about also cheating on her husband and that while men have the reputation of being cheaters, in the military, wives do most of the cheating. Then I explained that it was a case of opportunity. She asked for clarification and I gave it.

      I found it odd that she brought up the question if I thought she was the type to cheat. Why even ask it? Why ask it coyly? Normally I'd sidestep questions and situations like that, but the vibe we shared enabled a different response. I went for it and was eventually rewarded.

      I was, and am, a bit jaded in the cheating spouse department. I'm retired military medicine. I've had to help hundreds hide infidelities from spouses and unit chain of commands. Try seeing more of the diversity of life before rushing to judge those whom you don't know.

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