Stomach sitting

So 6 months ago I worked in another city in my country and lived with a friend of mine. We only saw each other for the night cause we were always out working and doing things for ourselves. Eventually I passed by this lady with a nice INFLATED BELLY. I looked at her belly for a few seconds and looked away when she looked at me. I followed her a little bit and when I didn’t see her she was behind me. She said come with me and brought me to her house.
Me: What are we gonna do I asked. She brought me to her room and pushed me on the bed. She looked at her beautiful inflated belly
Her: you like this don’t you.
After that she came sitting on my food belly. She was heavy but in a nice way. She was heavy and soft.
Me: let me take a good breath then you may sit again.
Her: I like the movement and sound your belly makes when you breath.

Then she came on my chest with her inflated belly almost in my face. It was so soft I kept touching and worshipping her belly.

Her: I’ll tell you my experience with stomach sitting. At first I was a bbw and most people liked it but at some point they all turned against me for being to Heavy. So I lost a few pounds but my belly didn’t shrink it became inflated and soft.
Me: well It attracts people so don’t worry about it while I’m worshiping her belly.

She then sat on my food belly again and it felt like a relief.

Her: can I bounce on you you should be able To handle it.

I was 6,2 and 190 pounds and she 5,8 and somewhere between 160 and 170 pounds. So I agreed

Her: your belly is soft too you should come more often.

And that’s what I did everyday in another city after work.

Share your experience and everything I’d like to see it

10 months ago

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