My Wife's Sister had my Daughter

My wife and I were there at her sister's wedding, and the four of us often visited, went camping, all sorts of things together, the four of us. Then one day about 3 years later they had been talking, her husband was sterile and they wanted children. So, unconventional, but I got volunteered, and after 3 months, she was knocked up.
Having sex with her sister was very generic, but I managed.
All was fine, we still hung out together, no complications until they had a breakup and he took off. She moved in with another guy, one we don't like much. He talked her into going for child support, what a mess.
DNA tests, yep, the girl is now 13 and I lost in court, now have to pay her and her POS boyfriend $600 a month.
The whole situation is screwing up my own marriage, I say her ex-husband should pay but the court doesn't see it that way.
Stupidest thing I ever did.

10 months ago

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    • If my sister or husband actually knew I had sex with my brother in-law they would flip the fuck out. It was all arranged for In vitro fertilization, but I thought to myself, he’s always wanted to bed me, and I could save the money. So we had sex, until I got pregnant. Hubby had no idea, he barely came with me to the doctor visits

    • 600 a month is gladly impregnate my wife's sister Jenn right tf now ! I love that she knows id plaster her pussy with my hot babybatter!!

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