Can’t get enough

I didn’t cheat on my wife. Not once until a year ago. Wife was out of town visiting her parents and I wasn’t able to get off work. So it was Saturday night and I had just gotten off work. I had a buddy over. We were gonna watch the prequel Star Wars trilogy. Jeff ordered pizza and I had beer.

We were halfway through the first movie and about 3 beers each down. Jeff said, “Wife not home?” I said, “No. She took the boy to go visit her mother.” He said, “So got the house to yourself. Got any big plans?” I said, “Lol no. Gonna watch some porn, jack off and sleep in tomorrow.” He said, “I like the way you think. Want some help with that?” I said, “With what?” He said, “Cumming. Jacking off is awesome but wouldn’t a blowjob be better?” I said, “I’ll just call up someone to just come on over.”

He reached over and grabbed my cock. It shocked me. I said, “What are you doing?” He said, “Getting you hard. Then I’m gonna suck your dick.” I was paralyzed. He said, “We are here alone. Nobody will know.”

I leaned back. He unzipped my pants and pulled them down. He got on his knees and started sucking me off. It felt great. My wife doesn’t give head. I took off my shirt. I held his head as he sucked my dick. Then I said, “Take off your clothes.” He stopped and said, “What?” I said, “No sense in you having all the fun. I want to suck you too.” He stood up. He took off his shirt while I removed his shorts.

I never lusted after another man. That was until I pulled his boxers down and revealed his gorgeous cock. I said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.” We started making out on the bed. He was laying on top of me. I had my legs in the air. His cock was pressed against my asshole as we kissed.

He started to slowly push his cock into my asshole. Not all the way. Just the tip. I told him to hang on a second. I reached into my wife’s bedside table and got the lube out. I put some on my hand and stroked his cock with it. He said, “You sure about this?” I said, “Yes. Absolutely. Put it in.”

I got on my hands and knees. He got behind me and put his cock to my asshole. He pushed the tip in. I could feel when the head was all the way inside. He said, “You ok?” I said, “Yeah. Keep going.” He pushed the rest inside me. It hurt but only at first.

He didn’t fuck me normal doggystyle but like an actual dog would. He said, “I’ve been wanting this for a long time.” I said, “Well, I don’t see this being the only time.”

He had me so horny. He fucked me so good. He didn’t tell me when he was about to cum and I’m glad because I would have chickened out and had him pull out. I had been jacking off while he finished fucking me. Once he finished he sucked me off. Only took me a couple minutes to cum. The sexiest thing was that he swallowed.

After we laid there. He said, “Was this a one time deal? It’s cool if it is.” I said, “I wouldn’t have thought in a million years I would be into being bent over and fucked by a man but it’s kinda all I can think about. I just don’t know if I want anyone to know.” He said, “Oh I get the need for privacy. I’ll never tell a soul.”

A year ago we were doing it once a week. Now it’s up to 3-4 times a week and most of the ppl at work think I’m gay and Jeff is my boyfriend.

10 months ago

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    • Pretty similar situation but my wife knows. I wasn't married at the time but Byron was (and not getting satisfied). A few girlfriends later I meet my soon to be wife. She figures out my friend and I are more than friends and was cool with it. Never wanted to play but didn't mind us alone. At first, it was mutual but I'm strictly the bottom now. I'm home first and when he wants some, I just text her that he's over for a visit. Sometimes, she finds something to do, other times she comes home and starts dinner. I can't get over being embarrassed when she sees us together right after we've done the deed(s). They both tease me about it. it takes me a while to get back to what I think of as "guy" mode. I bounce back faster if I can have some alone time and clean up a little. Didn't mean to take over your post.

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