Don't dwell on the past

I don't believe in incest as a adult but as a preteen shit happens that's life dont dwell on the past , i am two years older than my sister and I pounded her late night a few times not proud jus shit happens, she asked why u slept with mom I said shit happens and I said why u looking disgusted but ur nipples hard, and she admitted it turned her own and later that night she was the one moaning with a squeaky bed, but that's the past and u don't hold certain situations in life or dwell on jus move on, and don't keep engaging in incest 💯

2 months ago

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    • My sister she was 5yr.s older she would have me eater out it was always creamy I found out my dad was fucking her I like it

    • I’m a married man I love going down on my wife and eat her out even after I Cumm inside her I’ll still go down on her !

      At the same time I will suck a cock when every I get the chance to do it all men have a craving to such a dick ! Butt not all men will say it !
      I don’t make you gay just makes you bi curious ! And if you’re afraid of how masturbate into your hand and lick from your hand and if you don’t like the taste then just wash it of your hand down the drain !

    • I love sucking cock

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