Don't hate me

I hate fascists, I hate white supremacists. I was arguing with these skinhead fucks, MAGA hat wearing rubes, 4 of them, just by myself. I was alone. But these Nazis marched into McDonald's with their red MAGA hats while I was there and I wasn't going to let it pass. Anyway, and I wish I didn't have to admit this, but, they actually ended up being pretty cool. They told me they supported me being gay, and we ended up partying actually. I went to one their apartments and we all got stoned. I ended up sucking all their dicks and they all fucked my ass. Oh my god, the biggest was 9 inches of uncut amazingness, one guy was a thick, sturdy 8 inches cut, one was about 6 inches cut, kinda thick, and one was 4 cut, he said it was 5, but it was no more than 4 inches, but it was completely shaved smooth and really hot. I can't believe I sucked and fucked a bunch of Nazi skinheads, but it was so fucking hot.

11 months ago

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    • After discovering my bi side I started meeting up with guys early in the morning before I went to work hiding it from my wife,I met one guy more often than others and I told him I had a fantasy about being gangbanged! With him being gay he had no shortage of horny single friends,I booked a day off work but left as normal in the morning so my wife couldn't get suspicious,I drove to my regular guys home and because it was so early it was only me and him there,he had arranged for a few guys to come and fulfil my fantasy,me and him were having fun in the bedroom up until lunchtime when the doorbell rang,he left me in bed to answer,there were 5 guys and him now standing at the bedroom door! Mmm nice one of them said! You want to be gangbanged then! Get over here and suck our cocks! My heart was beating with excitement as I was surrounded by 6 cocks!! They all got hard and I was ordered on to the bed and for the next 5 hours I was fucked over and over

    • After being married for I think 23 years, my wife agreed to go with me and pick a dildo for her, I had the fate of ED so the plan was to use it to increase her pleasure, it was a long toy about 18 inches. Well I talked her into her using it on me, I couldn't believe it as she started probing my ass with her toy I could see her excitement in her eyes as she started fucking me with this toy she thought was hers, It felt so good knowing it was my wife pressing this toy shaped like a cock deeper with every stroke, I kept asking her not to stop but if she wanted to pull it out just not to take it all the way out but to slowly pull it out and when she saw it almost out to ram it back in hard, I was going out of my mind getting fucked so deep into my ass by my wife. When she had pushed it all the way in it actually went into my ass completely it scared her at first but I think she was more excited I played it up and asked her to go in after it. It felt so good feeling her probing my ass with two of her fingers, feeling her getting ahold of it only to miss the chance because it slipped out of her grip, I did my best to pull it out of her fingers using my ass muscles to pull it back in, it just felt so good having her probe my ass trying to get her 18 inch dildo out of my ass where she rammed it so deep that she lost sight of it. I had wanted to make it into a strap on so she could really fuck my ass deeper & deeper.

    • That's nothing, my Brother fucked Donald Trump's fat ass when he pulled a train while visiting troops in Iraq ?

    • Your brother fucked Donald trump, wow that’s nothing. I know this black guy that fucked Kamala Harris in the ass on and off for years. His name is Willie Brown.

    • My brother Devonte was maybe 5 or 6 in line behind some white boys. When he rammed his 9" Alabama Black Snake up Trump's ass, Trump had him immediately transferred to the White House honor guard and made him a Captain.....

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