I winged it on a parasail with girlfriend

I was at coquina beach with my girlfriend. She was against drinking alcohol. So she poured my drink out on the sand and it was a Long Island iced tea. I only had like one sip out of it. She said "you don't need that anyways" she gave me a water bottle from the cooler. I was pissed off because I paid for the drink and I had to walk all the way down to a tiki bar that was part of a hotel and it was expensive I think it was $10. I got even more pissed when I open the water bottle because I was thirsty and it was a solid piece of ice where the cap is so I couldn't even get water out of it. She laughed and said give it a minute and then lit my last cigarette. Camel crush and she didn't even push the crush for menthol cuz she don't smoke menthol. So I said share it with me and she said no because when you hit the cigarette you HotBox it. She said when I'm done I'll let you get the last couple drags off of it then walk to the store and buy another pack. I mumbled I don't feel like walking across the street to the store. She said, "YOU DIDN'T HAVE A PROBLEM WALKING FAR TO GET THAT DRINK FROM THAT HOTEL BAR" "You promised not to drink alcohol until after 2pm we agreed after you eat lunch" "you know how you get" "you get stupid real fast and out of control" "we have been over this" "seriously what were you thinking"
I watched her take a nice long drag and blow the smoke out" She was fucking sexy hottest girl on the beach and it was packed. Lots of Spanish speaking people and I hate it because when she was telling it to me like she was it seems like people near are watching and listening then start talking in Spanish about what I did and how my woman don't take shit.
I watched my sexy girlfriend put the cigarette in a Pepsi can that's how she we dispose of cigarettes on the beach. I swear some Spanish dude was watching and as soon as she did that he said in Spanish to his people hahaha she didn't even give him the cigarette she put it out she mad at him. I don't know Spanish but it almost seems like that is what he said. This got me motivated so I said alright babe am going to the store. Do you want anything. She wanted her cigarettes Marlboro light 100s in box not soft pack and Yoohoo drink. I walked over to the Pik Quik store and talked to the paki owner for about 30 minutes. He is a real cool guy he works the store 7am to 12am 7 days week. He says they are gonna buy him out for his land to put a condo building he sells when offer is some high number so he can open a beverage castle on mainland and pay college tuition for his two children and buy his wife a Rolls Royce not brand new but used. I told him your wife does not want a Rolls Royce she wants a Convertible Corvette sports car or a Mustang Convertible something with American v8 power under the hood. This is what all married women want from overseas. Brand New also not used 1/4 price of a used Rolls and good luck finding an authorized service mechanic for Rolls Royce pray that nothing goes wrong with it. Get your wife a sports car with an American V8. He waved his hands saying my wife in a sports car no way she does not want it. I walked out cross the street and had to go back because I forgot to get my girlfriend's drink a Yoohoo I got myself one it had been years since I drank a Yoohoo. The Paki man looked at me and said you know what you might be right about the sports car for wife. I think you are right you make sense Rolls Royce is bad choice honestly I like the Rolls Royce. My wife was happy when she had her Nissan 200sx standard shift she always was happy but after first child I trade her Nissan 200sx in for a Honda Odyssey van better for children. She was on holiday overseas visiting family with child. When she come home she was looking for her car. She said she just wants to get in her car and go for a nice drive. I told her I have a surprise for you on the way home from airport. She looked for her car and saw the van. She looked around and said this is good for our children but where is my car. I was rushing back to store and told her I traded your car in when I buy van no need for it. My wife was sad she missed her little car but she was happy for van. It was a second home for her when she busy running children to school and they all have own t.v in back. I said sir you owe your wife a sports car with an American V8 engine she needs her personal sports car now. I can't believe you traded her Nissan 200sx women love that car I know this I had a girlfriend with one and she mentioned it several times after she traded it in she wished she still had it. I sat down next to my girlfriend as she was stretched out on her beach chair and I gave her cigarettes and Yoohoo. I was already drinking mine. She lit a cigarette and smoked it then she put it out real quick and put her Yoohoo in the cooler she reached her hand inside my trunks and started massaging my cock. It got hard come on let's get in the water. Still holding my dick in her hand she pulls me into the water about chest deep and jacks me off. We got out the water and she dry off and puts a shirt on and then hands me my shirt and says come on they talked me into parasailing so I booked us and it's time they are waiting on us. I saw the para sail boat pull up to the beach just now do we walked over to it and the dude saw my girlfriend and said here they are and his partner Jumped out the boat and they put a ladder so we could easy climb into the boat and as soon as we did the boat was in motion heading out into the ocean. They handed us life vest we put on then we sat at the rest of the boat and then stood up on a platform all harnessed in my girlfriend in front of me. I thought to myself how did I get a decision on this no big deal I done it before with my ex-wife but I thought to myself am gonna wing it and scare the shit out of her. I will pay for it later am sure but she had no clue she was all excited he asked us if we were ready and I said rock and roll my girlfriend said something like what to do he said just hang on your harnessed in but you can hold the ropes. They let the winch lose and it started to let rope out slowly and the parachute was open and we sailed up and up and away it was a nice view it was relaxing just sailing in the wind being pulled by the boat not to fast the boat does a turn around and the sail makes a big turn but at one point it gives a little bit of slack in the line on the turn and that is when I MOTHER FUCKING WINGED IT LIKE SOMETHING SERIOUS. HOLDING THE ROPED I WINGED IT HARD AS I COULD USING MY WHOLE BODY AND THE PARA SAIL OR THE PARACHUTE COLLAPSED AND WE TOOK A SUDDEN DIVE EE DROPPED ENOUGH TO FEEL A SERIOUS BELLY DROP MY GIRLFRIEND SCREAMED AND I WENT WOOOOH HELL YEAH AND THEN THE LINE GOT TIGHT FROM THE BOAT PULLING FORWARD AFTER IT TURNED IT ACCELERATED AND IT OPENED BACK UP THE PARA SAIL AND WE WERE BACK SAILING SLOW LIKE A TURTLE ROW. My girlfriend said you mother fucker what the fuck and she elbowed me right in the groin. I don't think she was going for the nuts but that's all she could do. I don't think she knew where she elbowed me but I was in pain then she said don't ever do that again and she elbowed me like two more times and she defeated me. I was completely incapacitated it wasn't until we landed on the boat that my senses and vision came back. Later she said it was actually kind of fun if I had told her so she could be ready then I told her those elbows went right into my nuts and I think my nuts were smashed or permanently damaged. She gave me the longest cock and balls massage it started with her hands and then continued with her feet then I cummed on her feet and she came up with the diagnosis that everything was ok. We went to Shells seafood restaurant on Longboat key ate dinner ate tons of oysters on half shell and then we got a hotel on the beach and we fucked all night she ended up getting pregnant and took a plan b. Victory!

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