I want man meat in my Virgin mouth

I'm straight single and I have a desire to feel a hard cock in my hand and mouth. I've had my cock in many a ladies mouth and cunt a couple in their assholes. Every blowjob I've received has been fucking amazing. The last one I had I ended up with her tongue in my ass, which was a nice surprise.
I've wanked my cock and I know what it feels like, right all you heterosexual men out there? I've never touched another man's dick, seen a few but never felt the urge to go and play with it. Recently I've been thinking of trying something new sexually. I've fucked woman, I've eaten many a pussy and I fucking love it, the tasted and the wetness of it. But I really want to feel another man's cock in my hand and get it hard. I wanna know how it feels to feel it grow knowing I made that happen. I want to pull his foreskin back to expose that big purple helmet while gripping his shift. I want to like the underside of his bellend and see him enjoy my wet tongue. After that I just want to put my lips around his bellend and run my tongue around it and hear him moan with pleasure. Then I want to move down his cock taking more of him in my mouth a bit at a time. I don't want him to fuck my face, he must be still to let me do the work. I want to side up and down his cock slowly and stop to ask how I'm doing.
If he's liking it great, I don't want him to cum in my mouth, I'm not ready for that yet, I'll want him to pull out and cum somewhere like the floor or his pants.
I am consumed with the urge to do this, and I don't really know why I just want to do it at least once, maybe more if I like it. I may even one day let someone cum in my mouth, ive never even tasted my own spunk.
I've never done anything like this before and I never thought I would be telling anyone who's reading this. I'm in the Bristol area and if anyone would like to help me to do this please let me know with a reply and a way of getting in contact with you.


3 months ago


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    • I know how you feel. I want to feel a guys big rock hard dick head sliding down inside of my throat to. I want to feel him start face fucking me really really hard and really deep and really fast making me choke on the head of his dick while he's shoving it deep down inside my throat. I want to taste his cum while he's shooting his big load straight down inside the back of my throat.

    • Finding guys is no problem, nearly every town has bars that cater mostly to gays, and in today's world it's OK to just ask.
      I use, "Hey, wanna go grab a beer?" and if they say yes, we chat and feel each other out.
      It's easy to find men to have sex with, even the married ones find they like it.
      But, I don't like to swallow, I prefer to see them blast off in my hands, so sucking is just a preliminary.

    • More sissyboy love it

    • That's a very detailed description of sucking a cock. The first few times I sucked guys cock I was dubious about his coming in my mouth but now I dont mind so much, when he comes I want to keep my mouth over his head and let him pump it all in to my mouth then lick his cock clean

    • Norm where in the country/ world are you?

    • You sound pretty normal unlike some of the crap some have said. I just wanna try it and if i like it who knows i might get a suck buddy

    • I am normal, just want to try sucking cock and go from there and see what it leads too

    • Hi, I am a normal guy 54yrs old. I am in a wheelchair and my dick still works fine so getting hard is no problem.
      I've got to an age where I want to try new things sexual and non sexually.
      Thinking about playing with a cock and then taking it in my mouth makes me play with my own cock and I get nice and hard.
      I've still not found anyone around the age of 30+, maybe I should got to a bar and see what happens.

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