Panties for me

I like to wear panties,always have , I love my wife’s panties though. I hope I am not weird or something. Just wondering,r there others that wear panties? Please respond

1 month ago


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    • Love to wear panties. Sometimes I’ll wear my wife’s wet panties and go down on her. Sooo hot!

    • Do your wife a favor and get your own panties and wear them. Who cares now. It is called crossdressing and it is every where now. No big deal now a days. They even make panties for men now. Go to hommey my store and buy some if you want.

    • I wear panties ( although we call them knickers in the uk.) I wear them at home, in bed, when I go to work and when I go to the pub, so practically everywhere really. I dont like thongs, I prefer full briefs, tight and clingy, lycra or elastine, some are lacy. I think I'm going to start wearing stay ups or pantyhose ( which we call tights in the uk) t oo.

      Sometimes I wonder what people would say if they knew I was wearing knickers at work or in the pub.

    • Well my wife had me wear a pair once . Then caught myself wearing them to bed . She ended buying me a male g string . Yup and ended being her fuck boy. Don't ware panties to bed no more but she has loosened me up

    • I've been wearing panties for several years. Love the feel of silky material.

    • True

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