Need to share my wife

Me and my wife have been together for 12 years. Lately I've had this overwhelming desire to share her. In many different ways. Soft swap, full swap, blind fold her and destroy her with a friend, lesbian action, watch her blow another guy, watch a guy cum in her open mouth or on her face so on and so fourth. I also have a terrible foot fetish and I just want to watch another guy glaze her feet so bad! I don't know why I want this to happen so badly. Its all I can think about. I wonder how it would effect our relationship. I'm the only person she's ever been with and in one hand I'd like to keep her innocence, on the other hand I want to see her get fucked really hard. She is interested in partner sharing and such but not like I am. She could take it or leave it. Its the only porn I can even watch anymore. I don't know why I can't just be happy with her alone, she does anything I ask of her. I love asking her to wear something revealing and watch it happen and see other men check her goods. Let me know how you would handle this. What should I do? And how would you do it? Also is this normal?

1 month ago

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    • Get a hobby... or get a divorce..In which the hobby will be cheaper...

    • I have the exact same feelings and fantasies wish I could help you but I don’t wanna lose her trying to make it better for her I kinda feel selfish not letting her feel a bigger or better fuck but she always cums with me and does whatever I ask if you do it or find a saluting please share cuz I’m lost and she seems content but I know she would like more ???

    • You and the wife should try fucking the same dude, she will love it and so will you. suck his dick in front of her and you will be happy as to where your sex life goes from there

    • My wife would really do it with my one buddy. He's good looking, her divorced GF had him and says he's hung like a horse. She only half kids about a permission slip. Flirts with him like a slut cheerleader with the quarterback. I said if we were to meet his body double on vacation, maybe I sign off. But I want my 2 girly 3 some in return. I think she's been unfaithful with a coworker, and she was like a nympho then. I tied eavesdrop her talking on the phone with a GF. She was using code words. I think the guy's wife caught them. ,

    • If you think it . it happened

    • Hint to it, or make up a story about sk wine you know and gauge her reaction.

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