Freaks Of Society

We're two people that people want to see and masturbate to. Growing up and getting a relationship going was impossible. People would stare at us. Having an oversize dick prevented penetration in a woman. The only woman that would take your dick is one who enjoys beastiality with a horse and wants to feel the pain of taking it. I dated women that just wanted to see, feel and jerk it onto them.
Then I met Barbara at the nudist beach the beach. I went there to show off my equipment and sun bath. Women would whistle at me and give me a thumbs up. She too was there to tan herself. She has mega tits. we bumped into each other while we was holding ice cream from the booth. We grabbed the napkins from the booth's counter and wiped it off each other. We said to one another, " That happens when you are looking somewhere where you shouldn't be looking and laughed. We laid our beach towels next to each other and began to converse.
We talked about people staring and whistling to us and the pros and cons of of what we was born with. Barbara felt my cock and I felt the balloons that she has. " They're just as big as cow's udders and needs to be milked. " I said with a smile. " Your penis hangs just like the pony that my neighbor had next door where I used to live. The pony was my friend. Do you want to be my friend?" she said still touching my penis while she french kissed me.
We exchanged phone numbers and began to have talk about our doings, which led to phone sex. We decided to get a motel room to get it on. " Be my dear pony." she said with a smile while on her back on the bed grabbing my cock and rubbing it across those mega tits and face. "I have a horse cock fetish." and started rubbing her soft bush bush with it and slowly started to shove it into her saying. "Fuck me! " I began to realize she enjoys kink and began slapping those mega tits with my hand. She got on all fours revealing her long hairy slit and guided my dick in her. "Fuck me good! " she blurted out as I yanked her head back by her hair and slapped her ass. "I want that horse dick to give me cum! " she yelled!
I finally found a woman that I could please well with my dick. So far Barbara and I could share and do our fantasies. She really enjoys my cock and when I whip her tits leaving marks on them

3 months ago

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