Sister who is really my cousin

My parents took my cousin in and raised her as one of their own starting when she was born. So to me, she is more like a sister than a cousin. She and I were pretty close growing up. We are only 2 months apart in age, so it's almost like we are twins. When we were 17, my parents got a divorce and both of them split with other people, leaving us home alone to finish out highschool. It was tough and life was shitty for awhile. Then one night I came home from work and found my sister naked and drunk. She was like a wild animal, ripping my clothes off and grabbed my dick. She said she needed me inside her. I finally gave in and let her push me on the floor. She started sucking my cock and kissing me all over. Then she slid down on my cock and started fucking me like a wild woman. I told her I was about to cum, but she didn't get off me and I finished inside her. She got pregnant and we had a baby girl. It's been a few years now and we're still living in our parents house, raising Becka like a married couple.

3 months ago


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    • If your parents got custody of her then legally she is you step sister numb nuts! But you didn't know that.
      They left you at 17 alone in a house right. Who payed the mortgage, taxes and home insurance! The electricity, water, heating, food, clothing medical or any other bill?
      Don't tell us your parents left a house that was already paid for! Even if the house was shit then the property is worth money. The property inside the house is also fought over. A divorce is done with a judge and custody of the children is the most important part so one of you parents abandoned their children a felony. Yeh right!
      They just walked away from you! More Bull shit they are legally responsible for both of you till the age of 18 in most states and 21 in New York! Moron. How fake can you get. All that to line up a fake bull shit incest story!

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