Give it back!!

My darling: perhaps we shouldn't have started a physical relationship, since you're married to my sister, but we crossed that bridge and we were both happy for it..... for over two years. I know, I know: we were very VERY nearly caught, and that was terrifying. But I think we both know you are meant by God to be with me, not with her. Either way, I want you back in my life, and I definitely want that dick of yours back in my pussy, mouth and ass. Plus, I want your babies. I will say it again:
I want your babies and I don't want you to knock up anyone else. Ayana certainly doesn't deserve any of that. And I will do whatever it takes to keep her from getting ANY of it. EVER.
You KNOW what I mean when I say that. I want you back. Now. Come back to me, and let's make it permanent this time, and 24/7,
with my sister OUT of the picture. End it with her, once and for all, or I'll do it myself. You know what that means, too. End it NOW. You belong to me, and I want what's mine: come put it in me!

2 months ago


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    • Dude do the smart thing and confess it to your wife and divorce her .That way her sister doesnt have to take care of it ,That would end badly. Yes she will hate you but by taking care of it yourself then maybe one day you and her can become friends

    • How did you two almost get caught by your sister?

    • I got chummy with the new girl, Ann, at our complex pool. She's built like a brick shit house. I mock her non revealing swimsuit, something out of the 40's with a little skirt. She said it's her only one, it was issued at the convent she just left. OMG, convent! She's 23 and a nurse. Says she wanted to get a "cheeky thong a size too small," but how do you buy them? And she's serious. How about burgers and beers at my place? Sure she says. We're drinking a PBR bottles, hers too far in her mouth, sexy like. We kiss. She says she's not good at dating decorum, "I'm real new to this, let me know if this is all right, I feel like sucking your dick." An she gives me the best blowjob ever. We skip the burgers and fuck all night. She's a ringer. She said she had a boyfriend as a nun, and couldn't live a sexless life -- so she quit. Fucking Sister Ann -- I'm probably going to hell.

    • Incredibly sexy!!! And extremely well-played

    • No, you are surely NOT going to hell for making her feel good, or making her happy, or making her cum (repeatedly). The girl was obviously born this way (freaky), and you are merely fulfilling her destiny. God bless you, my son!! You must continue to "Do unto others . . . . " it's not your FAULT she's nasty, but it IS your FORTUNE!! So, treat her like treasure!!

    • I was on the island of palm beach when lady brought her three daughters to take tennis lessons from me. She would ware tight capree pants that showed of a gap an camel toes and stretch out to show off her huge fake tits. A few weeks went by and all the flirting she came for a lesson during the school hours in the morning. As we used up a basket of balls we went to pick them up an she dent over I saw she had regular panties not tennis bloomers on and the camel toes seemed to be full of a wet patch that allowed me to actually see in her pussy. I got hard , even teaching I was hard . On the next ball pick up we bumped into each other at the net and to I can't figure out howy cock got out her pussy so fast. For the next 5 minutes she puddled and.i came 2 times before I pulled out like it was first. She said she had never been so wet. I knew she must have been her husband first and as the months of lessons went on I knew I was fucking a true slut she had more than one guy she fucked weekly. Later on I met one of them an.found.out she was fond.of.twool

    • Did she let you date any or all of the daughters? What were they like?

    • Fake bull shit dude you and her where all alone at a tennis court! Oh wait next you are gonna tell how rich you are and it is you private enclosed court!

    • OMG! That's incredible! Please tell us all more about the relationship, like how long it lasted, did you only hook up at lesson time, did you two grow closer and become serious about one another, did she leave her husband, did you connect with any other students? Things like that. I really like the way you handled this whole thing and thank you for sharing it!

    • Then I shoved a 🎾 up her cunt and told her if she removed it before our next session I’d strangle one of her daughters. I made her choose which one in preparation. It was funny how she didn’t blink, it took her less than a second to choose the middle one. I thought she was going to remove it just so I’d kill the girl! 😆 But she kept it in there all week.

    • You sound like a murderer you piece of trash. He’s not coming back to a psycho like you.

    • Oh goodness no i would never do something like that! I was talking about letting her see how much he loves me so she would just go away on her own and 4ever. How did this become so insane?!!??

    • One of the nuclear options I have is getting off my BC pills and then going to seduce him whilst I am ovulating, then telling Ayana who the father is. She would leave for sure then and he would be all mine. But even as bad as I want his baby and could easily and happily ruin that marriage, I wouldnt and coulnt do worse. There's no need . . . see??

    • I OWN YOU

    • I lreally, really love your use of "own". I do own him in some real sense, because of everything we had together for so long, and what we meant to each other the entire time (and still do mean to each other), and because of some racy videos we made even though we maybe shouldn't have done. So yeah, he kinda is my "property" and he did get off on me being in control of the whole relationship and EVERYTHING being "about" me and my happiness. I'm not as pretty as Ayana, but my butt makes two of hers (at the least), and my man loves that. It's a big part of why I do own him. Thank you for saying something so beautiful and so totally charming. It sounds like you know a lot about how these things go. Thanks!

    • Nobody is going to "perish".

    • Strictly speaking everyone is going to perish

    • What a load of crap!

    • I love my sister and would do her NO HARM. But she has something that belongs to me and i want it back. It's mine and I want it back.

    • Self-respect?

    • I will have respect when she sends me back my man. MY MAN!!

    • Silly Wabbit

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