Teen seduced by a bisexual couple

I was maybe 15 or so. My parents went on holidays and they let me stay with the couple who was housesitting for them. He was an old grumpy quiet guy, and she was young and hot, liked to suntan in bikinis. I got home from school and found her tanning totally naked where only someone in the yard could see her. She didn’t look at me but called my name. I went over and she spread her legs to show her super smooth shaved which was very uncommon then. She asked if it made her look like someone my age and I said I didn’t know. She said she was worried her hairy bush would freak me out, but it didn’t really matter if I was a virgin. She told me she could see my boner in my shorts so she wanted me to take them off. I was stunned frozen. She told me not to make her repeat herself. I took off my clothes and my dick was so big it hurt. She said my first time would be too quick, and told me to come over and shove my dick in her mouth before I came. I went over and slid it in her mouth.

After a minute she sat up and said she was impressed, and I must jerk off a lot. She took off her shades and laid back - “come jerk off on my face and then I’ll use my mouth to get you hard enough to fuck me.” I jerked as hard as I could but I was so nervous, until she opened her mouth and then I exploded all over her. She showed me the huge half load in her mouth and then swallowed it and smiled. “You have baby cum. I want to swallow every load - even if you pullout of my dirty asshole. I’ll suck you clean like your royalty. Get down on your knees and stick your face between my legs. Get me all wet for your fat cock.” I did as she said and she mashed my face into her pussy and fucked it. She blasted me with squirt and used me like a piece of meat. She let go and asked if I was embarrassed or enraged? Neither. Are you a man or a little boy? Fuck me!

I got between her legs and fumblefucked my way inside. She stopped me and told me to look at her! I did and she told me to take me like she’s my slave! I slammed myself in deep and pounded her like it was my one and only time, she felt it. I got so aroused i almost blew again and she stopped me. “I’m sorry I’m not a virgin like you and your not ravaging me. This should hurt.” She rolled over and spread her cheeks. “Fuck me up my ass dry! It’s ok - just do It!” I put it to her ass and pushed but it was tight and didn’t budge. “Now!” I pushed while falling forward and felt it rip all the way in at once. She jumped a foot and squealed and I pinned her down and pounded her as she tried to get away. I pulled out and saw blood and smelled worse, she spun around and looked me right in the eye as she wrapped her mouth around it. I blew a load twice as big, and she gargled it up and gulped it down.

She got up and told me to lay down, then got us and put her wet Pussy where I saw and smelled it - the haven’t cum that hard or fast since the Football coach in junior junior high. She got between my legs to suck me clean. She said she only does it for the most worthy Cocks. She also lifted my legs and spread my cheeks to eat my ass. I was instantly hard again, so she mounted me.

“My husband told me I didn’t have to make you wear a condom, when he’s always demanded it before. He said no limits - only he is allowed in my ass and I only swallow for him because I have to. He told me to try and be the best sex you’ll ever have, but that takes love, and I’m not the type you love - I’m the type you fuck. I found a girl for you though. She won’t be enough to make us even though. Not after you’re with my husband. If you fuck me you have to fuck him too. I will do what I can to help you..” she kissed me and got off me, told me to get up.

She got down on the lawn chair to get fucked doggy style. She told me to make it hurt, and to pull out and slam it up my ass when I’m ready to blow it all right up inside her.

It took so long to cum again, I even went asstomouth several times before it turned me on enough to blow it up inside her. I pulled out a slimy mess and she took it in her mouth, the look of disgust got me hard again. She asked if I had to piss and to make me wash it down. So I pissed in her mouth and it took 4 gulps to swallow it down.

“That’s how a man treats a whore. We have 2 more weeks here, and I’m gonna teach you a lot. We need to get your ass ready before my husband gets home”

We tried, but he had me mount her missionary, but when he shoved his dry cock up my ass like I did to her, I instantly came inside her and screamed the whole time - like he wanted. He pulled out to cum in my mouth and went back in 3x, while I bucked and kicked to break free from her legs and arms locking me down. Squatted over my dinner and dumped my cum all over It. told me to be glad he didn’t cum in my ass or I’d be eating that.

He was not kind to me. She begged me to use her however I wanted, but then he trumped me every time. He especially loved double dipping making me suck my shit off his dick. He filled her ass full of cum and had her sit on my mouth one day. He also brought other friends over to use me. He waited until she was in town before he got a big black friend to help him double stuff my ass. Black cum did not taste like I thought it would. White cum was way worse. The best days were the ones we did Cocaine on - even when they had my hands taped to the headboard.

She did bring me a girl who stayed in my bed a few days. She demanded I do it all but she was so nice. The only time I assfucked her was when she was on top of him, and she loved the dp pleasure / pain mix. Came the whole time. On the last day she said I would never see her again, and to make it count. We fell asleep kissing. When I woke up she was gone.

When the 2 weeks were up I decided not to tell anyone the shameful things I had done, although she was the hottest pornstar I ever fucked, but that summer when I applied for a kitchen job at the only hotel in town, I was told they didn’t need a $4/hr dishwasher, they needed someone to get down on their knees to suck some dick, and I was told to get down under his desk as he dropped his pants around his ankles. At least 65, big crusty old man sweaty dick in my mouth, stopped me before he came to ask if I would take it up the ass for $200 a day, and then we were in his suite where another old guy lay naked and waiting for a bj, and they spit-roasted me. I make moved into my own room there and he sent several clients my way daily. I wasn’t even old enough to have anal sex then. I worked there until someone walked in on me getting fucked by old fat men, and I left town with a lot of money to start over.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a dude, but not that long actually...

12 days ago

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