Pantie sniffing

I love sniffing my wife panties after she had them on all day. Also after me and my wife fuck she always gets her panties puts between her legs to clean up the cream pie. She tosses them in the hamper after once she gets out of bed. When she walks out the room I grab them smell them and lick the jizz up.

2 months ago

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    • You don't love your wife panties! You love your cum on them! Soon you will be a cock sucking fag!

    • Maybe your right maybe your wrong. I only live once my wife blows me milks me shit even used a strap on a few times. I have fucked her good ass ,mouth, pussy . We have are fun. Unlike you lonely and beat off to movies about it.

    • No I'm right no doubt about it! BTW married but I am more interested in her when I get the panties off her! Couldn't give a rats ass about the panties then.

    • Wrong then why did you read the pantie sniffing. I can write anything on here and your going to believe. By the way your wife loves Bbc

    • Ok fag tell me more!

    • Fag !!! Who the one reading some other dudes panties story. Faggot

    • Late teens my hot girlfriend Sally and I would fuck off a dirt road a mile from her house. Her Mom would let us fuck in her room when her brothers weren't home. She had caught us, put her on the pill so I can happy shoot my load up her glorious Fun Hole bareback. She'd wear this housecoat, almost like a Toga and be nude underneath. Practical girl. Why get dressed up to fuck? She'd bring a pain of cotton panties along so soak up our together cum. This girl got wetter than an otter's pocket. About a block from her house she'd litter the panties at this well lit intersection. "I don't want to smell like a $2 whore"
      Well anyway, on the way home the panties were always gone.
      It almost couldn't be the same guy picking them up. Sometime I'd just drop her off, 5 minutes later the cum panties were gone.
      New Jersey Perverts
      You're Welcome

    • Thats the neighborhood picking up after your GF ass. Tell her don't be litter bug! Some child might touch them and get infected with all you GF's diseases because she is a $1 whore!

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