In the start I want to make it clear everything I narrate hear is true and not some made up fantasy. To have background about what type of woman Vandana is and why I lust for her I recommend to read my previous story on her "horny for my Vandana Bhabhi".

So this is an anecdote for when Vandana was around 31 yrs old and i was in class 12. She has always been a careless driver and has been told on many different occasions to quit driving by everyone who saw her poor driving. But Vandana doesn't pay heed to anyone regarding this matter. She drives an automated Hyundai i10 and a anyone who saw it easily guess she's a shitty driver by seeing the number of dents on it.
A this habit of her gave me this anecdote about her public humiliation mid road.

So it was one day summer when my mother and Bhabhi decided to plan and get the groceries for the month from bigg bazar. Initially it was decided that I would assist the 2 but later and my mother had to go somewhere it was only me and Vandana. I was very happy. Even though I hate shopping but I was glad that I would get to gaze her ass for more than an hour if I assist her while she shops. So we left.
I still remember she was wearing and yellow top that was so tight that her melons were just about to pop out. With that she was wearing a tight dark blue jeans and which her curves were clearly visible. I was excited because I was gonna get that view for straight to hours.
As planned I enjoyed the view of her swaying ass as she moved to different section bending to pick different item. I could see all the men were grazing at her as if they just wanted to grope her then and there. Some of them were so into her that they didn't even mind looking away even when Vandana caught them staring at her , instead Vandana only had to look away to distract. Even the shop helpers were constantly asking if she needed any help just to stay around her.
For about 2 hours our all the men there irrespective of shoppers or employs fully enjoyed her staring every inch of her while she was helpless and constantly distracting her self. Then we left for home.

The real story starts here when we were caught in a traffic. I could clearly she that Vandana was exhausted and wanted to lay down. I was in sitting beside her in front taking quick glimpse of her fatass rubbing on the leather seats and her melons jiggling as we moved past a speed breaker. There was a Scorpio car in front of us in the jam maintaining a fair distance. But suddenly as it applied the break I don't what Vandana was thinking (maybe about the the first guy she gave a header or fantasizing about those men groping her there in the market) that she applied the accelerator instead of the break and the car jammed into the Scorpio. Before I realized what had really happened i heard a frightful "oh fuck" from her even though she doesn't usually swear.
The driver of the Scorpio came out. He was about 6 feet and the rage was clearly visible on his face with even looking who the driver was he just came to the open the driver window as if he didn't care who it was. At this moment my Bhabhi was dead scared and hurriedly put the lock on her gate. She was so scared in the moment that she could not even open her mouth to say sorry, only scared gasps good be heard from her.
As the door did not open he punched on the window and got a clear view of her. He saw her from from top to toe and while Vandana was just apologetically grazing her with wide eyes. I decided to stay out of it because I was also a bit scared by the anguish of the guy and also because I knew Vandana Bhabhi was at fault. If it was a guy he would have really got thrashed then and there but since he saw it was a woman he decided not to get physical.
In utmost rage he started abusing her in between the road with passer by looking at her while she didn't dare to utter a word and kept her apologetic face throughout.
To be honest hearing VANDANA getting abused this way but a stranger midway between a traffic gave me a partial erection there. One of the line i remember being said was, "RANDI JAB GAADI CHALANI NHI AATI TO GAND UTHAKE KYUN NIKALTI H ROAD PAR, KUTIYA SAALI" which translates to ,"WHORE WHEN YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE PROPERLY WHY DO YOU BRING YOUR ASS ON ROAD ,FUCKIN BITCH". At this moment i could see my Bhabhi getting all red in shame.
While I was showing concern on surface i was loving this public humiliation of Vandana from inside. At this moment she would do anything to make him stop , she would even blow him if asked to.
But after abusing his heart out he was back to his car giving him a deviant look.

On the way back she was throughout red as she knew I saw everything. She didn't even utter a word or look at me. i could see her hands trembling and she was constantly pressing her lips as if she was recalling the whole incident.
On reaching home we both acted normal as if nothing happened.

This story is special to me because it is a common memory of just me and Vandana. I still get hard thinking of this incident. While jerking I often think what if it had escalated from more than just abusing. What if he dragged her out , throw her on her own car's bonnet and fucked her. While me and Vandana would both watch each other from the windshield as she moved forward and backwards while crying and moaning with our eyes locked to each other.

4 months ago

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