I just watched a porn video where a black guy with a large dick fucked a white woman. What I noticed was that he was only able to put about half the length of his dick into her, so probably about 5 inches. I have always been able to stick my 7 inch dick balls deep inside my wife. She had several lovers before me and has told me that they were all longer than me but I am the thickest that she has had.
Was my wife stretched out by the long dicks of her previous boyfriends or does she just have a deep cunt? I actual love the feeling of being balls deep inside her and wouldn't want a wife that I couldn't fit all the way in.

1 month ago

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    • Let me ask a question, would anyone spend $100s on NFL or NBA tickets to watch people who can’t play well? No. Of course not. The same is true of the porn industry with the added bonus that its make believe. If it looks like he can only shove half of his 12” cock into the porn actress it makes for better entertainment.

    • Pussies lengthen and are very elastic. Hence a baby can come sliding out.

      I'm also 7". But it is the biggest my Asian wife had ever had. If she had her ideal, it would be about an inch shorter. She is very tight. For it to not be painful, I have to give her a lot of oral first. If I don't, it is too uncomfortable for her and hurts.

      Men in her culture rarely will do oral. So she just thought that sex hurt. I was the first oral she ever had, and she dad been married once before. It was the first time that sex wasn't painful, and she had orgasms.

      So, the tighter a woman is, the more oral she needs to enjoy it. She's tight even on a finger if I don't do a lot of oral first. But the sex is great.

    • The problem with not being able to get it all in is, you have to spend time stretching her cervix so you can pass into her birth canal. Every woman is physically able to accommodate a 10 inch penis, girth is never a problem for most women. Almost every woman I know including myself, prefer girth over length, a penis longer than 8 inches is a uncomfortable feeling that isn't pleasurable. But there's no such thing as to fat, that's is a very pleasurable feeling that most women enjoy.

    • Almost every black guy I fucked told me I have a tight pussy. Even with that being said they all when balls deep while fucking me. Ten inches is not a problem if both people work at.

    • She’s got a big cunt.

    • My wife is very petite 5ft 100lb. She'd had one before me that was less than six inches and thin. It took two and a half years and much patience for her to eventually take it all. I am eight inches by six girth. She had a very shallow pussy and tightest pussy I ever tried to get into. I'd had two virgins that were easier. She went for her yearly check up where doc once again said she'd have trouble of not nearly impossible to ever get pregnant due to her (cervix) being tilted. By three years she was taken it balls deep and experiencing her first orgasms. Ten years I breed her, had a child. From there not only takes all the way but loves ass fucked, pussy, swallows every drop, is shared, has had her share of all kinds of dicks.
      Far as the video you watched. They don't go deep and always cum shallow for the cum shot running out. Otherwise she'd be taken it balls deep and wanting more. ..their all whores just and all have a different pussy....

    • All women are different. I have seen my wife fucking a black guy that was at least 9 inches long and he was able to get into her balls deep. She's always been able to handle big cock.

    • 13/90

    • Well the truth is your not 7" your only a small prick but she does not want to upset you, little dickie.

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