Mom Shopping

A mother wanted help preparing her child for when he's older. The sensory stimuli from the bright lights, loud sounds, visually distracting and crowded aisles have triggered related behavioral issues in the past.

Like all moms with children, there are times when she does not have a choice and must bring her child to the store with her. She also does not want to isolate her child and recognizes that shopping is an essential life skill. We applaud her efforts to prepare her child for the world.

Some experiences prove challenging for children. Grocery shopping can be a challenging experience because of the sensory stimuli lurking around every corner. A parent of a child with autism has a choice. They can to avoid the experience or prepare and train for it. We think that a child should train to participate in life as fully as possible. Grocery shopping is a necessity and an essential life skill that needs to be learned.

3 months ago

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    • My mom left us at the store once. It seemed forever but she came back for us!

    • Our mom used to leave us in the car back in the late 60's! Six of us all in a Chevy Bel-air wagon. Nobody was gonna mess with us!

    • Bringing a child to a bright noisy store is a hard challenge! When we where young my mom and our neighbor would take turns shopping. Mom would send us over to the neighbors house to play with their children and go shopping. When she was done they would swap! We would all go over our house while the neighbor shopped!

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