Amateur Night

I took my wife to an amateur night at a strip club in the city about a hour from where we live. We just watched and after my wife saw that most of the women were just normal looking girl next door types she admitted on our drive home that she thought she could of won first prize. We talked about it when we got home and I got an erection knowing that if we went back my wife would be up on the stage naked in front of about a hundred cheering guys.
The next Thursday night my wife put on some makeup and we headed for the strip club. We arrived early and my wife filled out the paperwork and we sat at a table that was near the stage. She went back stage and was the next to last dancing. I watched each of the women dancing and taking off their clothes and bending over and showing the crowd all of their sexy parts. My wife came out and danced and took off on item of clothing for each song. But since she was only wearing a thin button shirt and a short skirt, she was nude during the last three songs and showed all of her including her cute butt hole. After she finished the last woman danced and also showed everything to all the men.
All of the women came on stage and the men voted and my wife won. Then all of the women put their clothes back on and came and sat with their guys and we watched some of the professional strippers.
After we went home, we fucked until I couldn't fuck anymore. We didn't go to work on Friday since we hadn't slept at all. The next Thursday I told the guys at work that their was an amateur night in the city and that they should go. When we walked in I noticed about six guys that I work with sitting at a table. I didn't say anything and I watched their reaction when my wife was dancing. Their eyes were glued on her naked body. After my wife was done dancing she came out and found that I had moved to the table with the guys from work. She was embarrassed that they all had seen her naked but the guys only had good things to say about her. One of the guys suggested that we all go to a nearby motel and get a room for the night. Three of the guys said that they had to go home so my wife, three guys and I went to the hotel. Shortly after we were in the room my wife was naked on the bed with two guys sucking her breasts, one fucking her and I was kissing my wife. I thought that she looked so beautiful with all four of us loving her. After all three of the guys fucked my wife, I got between her legs and quickly added my come inside her with the come of the three guys. They all took another turn fucking my wife and then they left. My wife and I fell asleep and in the morning I fucked her again before we headed home. My wife was smiling and I asked her what she was smiling about. She said that she could get used to having sex with a lot of men. I told her that I hoped that we could do it every week!

3 months ago

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    • I take my wife to the local topless bar, we drink free because she puts the $ between the girls tits when they come around. Some girls we got to know, she really feels them up -- the place goes a wild -- girl customer having her way this dancer. She says she's not bi, just having fun. The staff begs her to do amateur night, she's really hot -- with firm natural D cups. She won't because of her job, already grumbling about her feeling up girls there. But a lesbian at work told them to STFU -- she can do that on her own time. Thanks, Bertha.

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    • My wife, then girlfriend, stripped for 10 buddies (7 guys, 3 girls) after a college football we were all watching. The girls were gyrating and the guys were saying take it off. One girl took her top off my wife went with a full pro strip to birthdays suit. Later I said where did you learn that? In college she did some poll dancing. 1,000 miles from home, who knew? Some girls worked all night all night at a market for $50, I made that an hour. She only did it around Xmas.

    • Send me a picture of your sexy wife.

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