Don't even want to drink, just see HER

I've recently connected with a smoking hot, long blonde hair down to her perfect, bubble ass, gorgeous bartender at the sports bar I go to. She's a goddess and knows it. Plays up her perfect ass, red lipstick on her full, likely botoxed lips, and has permanent (3 month) eyelashes on her soft, blue eyes. Her very long nails, which are my fetish anyway, are always done, and it drives me crazy when she touches me with them or taps them on the bar in front of me.

I don't even want to drink tonight, but will go sit for awhile just to see and be with her, watch her every move and try to not run to the men's room to rub out a good one to her. Never seen a woman this put together and in your face sexy, and have no plans on stopping spending every hour I can there when she works. I'll have a few drafts, but they're secondary to my real reason for going in. My blonde goddess.

3 months ago


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    • Women can look beautiful and still be a nice person who isn't just leading you on, or flirting with you for the money. I am told every day I am beautiful, but I am also a very kind woman and am just nice to people because that's who I am. Plenty of people have no intentions of just using people, beautiful women also want a relationship with someone (unless she's been molested growing up as these women ususally don't like sex that much.) I would take a chance and ask her out as you see beautiful women like Heidi Klum who takes up with the less than attractive man all the time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go for it and ask her out maybe your fantasy can come true.

    • When 90% of your paycheck comes from tips then the nicer you are the more money you make. Take Hooter's for example! Like every girl dreams of working there! NOT. But it helps get them thru college!

      Oh god you are so humble about yourself! Makes me wonder if you are a real woman or even born as one.

      But OP I will tell you this! If you are interested in dating her then she? is right.
      Go in and don't buy a drink but ask her out! Maybe ask her when she gets off would she like go have a coffee or breakfast? See what she says! If you get a no so what! There are plenty more fish to catch.

    • And you are the fool! She is probably hot and has a boyfriend and a shitload of suckers like you!
      Still can't figure why you'r the sucker?

      She is so nice to you, so you leave a bigger tip. She wants you to have one more drink and stay longer! Thats for the bar!
      Touching your hand and working you all up, is working your money right out of your pocket! And thats for her!
      Happens all the time!

      What doesn't happen is you being to go out with her and fuck her!

    • I'm no rookie at this and know the deal. Just never seen anyone, there or anywhere else, this physically amazing and built to please. The place has hot women, yes, and they all do the same things (more or less), but this one is far above anyone they've ever hired. I tip well anyway, so the money aspect isn't an issue with me.

      As for going out with and fucking her? Probably not, but I will say that I've had a few tenders and servers from that place in the past. Fucking this one would make my head explode if I ever had the chance. And, no boyfriend. She has an ex, but not current.

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